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As a private researcher, I wish to thank everyone who has anything to do with this site. I have been doing private study of the possibilities of time displacement and the theories involving such for more than 25 years. I will not disclose anything at this point but I will say it's starting to get exciting.


I will say this; the proper way of viewing displacement is this: time is like a powerful river in the fact it keeps moving along and all life on earth is in it's flow. The term "flow" is the physical basis here of control and my research. H/P:(Fw/P):X/F=PF


My reason(s) / basis for my study and if to succeed, will never try to change history but to observe as a one-of-a kind giant classroom to "fill in" all the missing or inconsistant history areas of knowledge. The very dynamics of this is mind blowing. This is not child's play and the responsibility is very heavy and never to be taken lightly. This is all I will say and this will be kept top secret with no questions answered so please do not ask; thank you.



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Time Travel Crop Circle Style and the Teories of a Spanish physicist called Pedro Gonzalez-Diaz: A Space "ringhole" whit 2 angular horizons (Physical Review D54, 6122, 1996)






"Unlike for an ordinary wormhole, which has the shape of a sphere and is unstable, his new ringhole had the shape of a torus and would be quite stable. A further new feature of Gonzalez-Diaz's ringhole was "two angular horizons", whereas an ordinary wormhole has just one"


end quoted


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Apollo 20 Alien Spaceship on The Moon CSM Flyover





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