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Time travel will become more and more likely as the Micro Processor developes.


Moores law states that Computer technology Doubles every 18 months.


Therefore; You could naturally guess that it is a temporary law and that soon technology will move forward faster than the majority imagines.


So, eventually we will be able to travel through time.


How is this possible you ask?


Well first of all, anything is possible. With Cloning and The Genome project we could very easily create a Dinosaur that lives in our own time, however;


If Technology doubles every 18 months than at this rate it won't be long before our children dream and create far bigger Ideas come to life than our own.


Eventually, we will have a fully capable computer that is able (with the help of micro and soon to come nano processor technology ) that can map and store the full layout of our genetic information.


Soon we will be able to transfer that information from one place to another using a ethier a Ray, or a Laser that recieves transmits this information from one place to another.


It won't be long before we understand ourselves well enough to move on,


and when we do,


we will harness our mental capabilities, and henceforth understand The Earth, harnessing its power to understand The Galaxy and eventually,





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And to coincide with this would be the quantum leap. They say it comes in threes, but sometimes I wonder if it comes in fours. Anyway....I think we will be more hologram conscious and less linear time conscious. We will realize that we can exist anywhere in time, I believe. :)



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