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Non-Fictional Time Travel Forum Started


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I started a new time travel forum for non-fictional discussion of math, physics and time travel.


TTI and Tree-O-Life are great forums but I don't like how those forums are moderated. These two forums seem to allow all kind of topics, as long as you don't insult the other members you are fine.


My forum is sorta the opposite. You can insult whoever you want, but only serious topics are allowed. No fiction.


Too bad there is no way to link the 3 sites together so all the posts went to 3 boards, but each admin could control which posts appeared on their version of the forum. Perhaps in phpBB version 4???




The site is temporarily hosted here


The official URL will be :




But it will take 3-4 days that address to work it's way around all the DNS servers on the globe.



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