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Not exactly time travel, per-se


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Before I get started, let me say that I'm a fan of the idea of time travel. As far as reality is concerned, however, I'm skeptical. Don't get me wrong - I want to believe, really I do. That said, I pose a question or two: Has anyone here had striking dreams that could be considered precognitive?


Most of my life I've been able to dream (and sometimes even remember) quite vividly. More to the point, some of the dreams I have are grounded in this reality - most of the time they wind up being bizarre or mundane. Every now and then I'll be going along through my life, one day, and all of a sudden I'm hit with the realization that I've dreamed about a sequence of events. Most of the time it's like a movie I've watched before, but once in a great while, I can make changes, or rather, I make different choices that what I 'remember'.


I'm 31 years old now, and for the last twelve of those years, I've had this idea. What if my dreams are tapping into the events of alternate realities? There is simply no way to prove this theory, of course. But I have to wonder, is it possible? I never really shared this with anyone before, except my psychologist (who dismissed it out of hand). John Titor, the reason I found this place, has long since come and gone. I found the story while browsing online doing research for a short story of my own. While skeptical (but still wanting to believe - I think you can understand why now), I couldn't help but feel validated in some small way.


Any thoughts on this?



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What you have just described in your post is incredibly familar to me. I thought it was just me.


Lemme guess, you have dreams where at the times of viewing them, they seem incredibly odd, but when you compare it with what you know, you realise they have an incredibly striking similarity right down to the last detail?


Mine were less stealthy in proving their point. First it started by verbally stating the facts so I could compare them. I dreamt this star exploded. The voice explained it was 50,000 lightyears away - I had never had an interest in space before, I hadn't casually picked it up, my parents (no surprise) have no real idea on space. The star was also near (although lightyears away) a planet which bore the brunt of the explosion. Fire hailed down everywhere. It was like ammegddon. I looked it up (suggest you do to) and yes, star exploded, 50,000 light years away.


Then the dreams twisted. I dreamt I was on an alien planet. Everyone was sad. Why? The star (in a binary star system) was going to explode. And it did. It send this massive bright explosion outwards which rippled the planet surface like a wave. I was like a ghost. I 'felt' the heat, which I believed to be (in the dream) at least 2,300 degrees (that ammount sounds very low to me).


Then it twisted again. Two races battling each other in space. I was observing again aboard this spacecraft carrier. The commander issued orders for ships to return to the docking bay for repairs, and to repressurise the bay when it did. Then the other group fired a weapon. Our equal would be an atomic bomb of this age. It ripped into the atmosphere and blew up. What happened next was unbelievable... it burned off the atmosphere of the planet. I had been moved to the planet, and you could feel the dead cold of space, the lack of air, even the horror, which struke me... Back to the carrier. It ordered all ships to return to docking so they could retreat. They had lost everything. It was only them left.


(Seperate dreams, not all in the same one). It was weird. In every dream before, I had never felt emotions. The fear, the panic, the sadness, the horror. I now observe our own sun, fearing it too, might explode. But the dreams stopped going into space... they became personal.


I would go into detail over them, but some are embarrassing, and others are worrying.



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