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Machine Cures cancer and other diseases


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You may of heard of this before, I speak of the Rife machine invented by Royal Raymond Rife in the 30s. Rifes story is fantastic full of ups and downs. Recently a paper released on 6-26-07 went into great detail about Rifes' machines if your interested in doing a search.


These instruments are pricey and not everyone is genuine. If your considering buying one I would ask the good folks http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Rife/. The majority of the forum is scientists, scholars, and researchers so they can steer you away from the frauds. I bought my unit from herbrep.com. It is a global wellness unit and so far I have seen a few cancer sufferers recover after useing it. I had to pay 1,400 and I got a discount because I practice massage therapy. Retail is 2,000. I swear its worth double its weight in gold.


If you wonder why this device isn't in every docters office it is because it is suppressed technology. Suppressed because it would gut the health care industry. People would stop paying insurance because they would know just a few trips to the doc and your illness would be gone. The cancer research industry generates billions a year. The phramalogical industry would be crippled....too much money to lose so Those in charge now would rather it never be used lest it bankrupt thier fortunes.


If your sick investigate it. If your in texas I'll let you use mine if you like. No charge. I help people for free. I do accept charity though. God knows I spent hundreds in gas to let one couple four hundred miles from me use my rife unit. The sessions lasted for six weeks once session a week. It was worth it when I did a six month follow up asking about thier health. Investigate it. Rife works.



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