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Warning: Joint Human/Reptilian Operations War


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I thought everyone here should know of this 'warning', and decide upon it. It isn't much concern for the good guys out there because, these aliens want to annihilate the reptilian shapeshifters. YAY! ... That being said, our .foolish.corrupted.stupid.pathetic government scientists and technicians are working to combat these coming forces. SO, the hell with our government and may these entities WIN THIS WAR! HORAAY! :)




and hopefully they get rid of cheney and that buffoon to. ;)


oh and the medieval aged royal family too as well. :p




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7/1/2007 8:28 PM


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They are coming! Quote


I am an NSA operative and have to get this off my chest. I have never ever


breached my security clearance oath, but feel I must now. I do not expect many


people to believe me but for those few who do please listen up! In just a


matter of a few weeks, possibly two to three, a five mile long craft will enter


into what many scientists in the company have confirmed will be a geodesic orbit


about our planet. We have reason to believe that the visitors therein will not


be of a friendly persuasion. Being highly compartmentalized, I have very


limited knowledge I can add to the above seeing how most of it was leaked to me


from other sources in the company, aka NSA as well as another agency too secret


to even have a name known to but a handful.


Do NOT approach any alien craft that you may encounter within the next weeks


and months. These visitors can be quite hostile I have been told.


The second message:


NSA insider


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7/3/2007 4:42 PM


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Prepare for the arrival because it is near! Quote


The elite have begun to settle their families into the various underground


bunkers and cities in preparation for the coming events. My wife and children


are secure in a secret facility in Virginia but I have friends in the company,


i.e. NSA, who have settled their families into such facilities as the new world


airport's underground mega-bunker in Denver. The "event" is near and stations


like the science channel have been broadcasting doom scenarios recently to


alert the discerning into action to save themselves and families. Stock up on


food and water and get away from the shores. The coming events will be


world-wide and ET connected. They have entered our solar system and are now close to


our planet; thousands of the ancient ones, we have been briefed about, to bring


about what has been termed "the first wave of correction". Do NOT approach any


unusual aircraft that may be lurking near the ground. There is a craft that


has been seen recently that has been likened to a dragon fly; this is the one


that must be avoided if possible within the next weeks and months. They are the


precursors and reconnaissance craft from the main ship that will ark itself


in orbit 1000 miles above the earth.


I know I will not be believed but by a few enlightened and discerning


individuals, but you have been warned. Most of the events will be attributed to more


prosaic and mundane causes but I assure it they are not!


Once my family and myself have been secured in Virginia I will be transported


via magneto graviton monorail systems to a facility in / under Australia to


assist COG scientists and engineers in resisting the invaders, with


technological help from visitors who have been here a long long time. Do not let


superficial explanations by the media cloud what you know is really going on. There


will be an abundant amount of unusual activity in the skies as thing unfold.


Good luck and peace to you all.


May God help us all.


The final message:


NSA-DOD Insiders


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7/6/2007 2:03 AM


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The next couple of months you on the surface must protect yourselves! Quote


This will be the last warning we will post regarding the approaching


unbelievable times to come. You who survive on the surface will be the lucky ones. We


will have to become prisoners in our underground "homes" provided by the


continuity of government officials you never elected into office.


To be brief and to the point, the drones that have appearing around the


planet are a harbinger of things to come. The circular portion of the drone craft


are stargates. You must NOT be directly under one when they are activated. If


you are you will be whisked away into another dimension and another multiverse!


The entities will transport from and through the "wormhole" tunnels formed


within the ring. Many will be invisible to most human eyes as they descend to


the ground while some will appear further down into the underground tunnels and


cities that permeates most of the Earth's crust.


We have beam weapons that can destroy the invading army but they have


superior technology even to the ones provided by our off world friends decades ago.


Our scientists and technicians have and are still working tirelessly to offer


reasonable resistance to the invaders.


It is imperative that you on the surface never approach these drones that


have been labeled " Extraterrestrial Surveillance and Reconnaissance Hover


Vehicles" or ESRHV.


The ESRHV has the ability to appear and disappear instantly. They are


remarkable in many aspects not the least of which is their ability to respond to


changing commands with the software being encoded on the underside of the craft.


They can instantly change shape and function as the commands are transmitted


from one thousand miles above the earth. These craft are dangerous, or will


become dangerous when the word is given to deploy their intended actions.


Do not be surprised if major earthquakes and volcanic activities increase


during this time; it will be a result of scalar weaponry that will be used. Our


intel has informed us that the invaders will try not to disrupt the normal flow


of surface life during their operations. They are not here to conquer the


planet. They are apparently here to battle against the non-humans that inhabit


the myriad underground facilities that are in joint human/reptilian operations.


Sound like science fiction? Yes it does but if/when you see the ESRHV that


have now began to arrive and are uncloaking mysteriously, then you will hopefully


remember this warning.


Sherry Shriner,



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