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An air traffic controllers tale!


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Ok as an air traffic controller i usually get asked two questions: 1. am i the one waving the two ping pong bats (no thats the marsheller!) and 2. Have i ever seen a ufo on the radar screen.


My answer to the second question is if alien life forms have the technology to travel many light years i dont think they would be caught out by a doppler radar.


Anyway the only tale i have about UFOs was when my co-workers were night flying. They just got rid of their traffic and looked out of the tower. High in the air was a large cylinder shape just hovering (estimated to be about 15000 ft). They saw it move around in short burst, so they contacted a nearby radar unit. They asked if they had anything on radar, or could see anything there. The answer was no and with that the cylinder shot upwards at great speed and disappeared.


My co-workers phoned whitehall (no really!) and submitted a report. The outcome? No explaination was given from whitehall and it wasnt any secret programme from our colonial friends overseas.


So who knows what it was. The co-workers i hasten to add have 20 years experience in air traffic and would not tarnish their careers with bogus reports.



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