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New Spy Series - Chuck

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New Spy Series - Burn Notice - USA Network


Another new spy series is Burn Notice...


About a spy who is disavowed and dumped in Miami...


He gets into adventures as he tries to get back into government service....


It's pretty good... And has a narration that teaches you to be a spy... :)


And Bruce Campbell co-stars...




Spy Tips Video Series from Burn Notice


http://www.usanetwork.com/series/burnnotice/video/spytips/video.html :)





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Re: New Spy Series - Burn Notice - USA Network




Just padding the SciFi programming for "Heroes" it seems...


I hope the producers and writers visit TTI for information...


If the don't have the following I wouldn't be interested....


o A Physics Know-It-All EX-Intelligence operative


o A mysterious Military Industrial Complex operative


o A mysterious Remote Viewer on a secret mission


o Some guy with a trampoline


o A satanist turned priest


and of course a


o A mysterious smoking man...


A guy who floats in and out of time with no technology or government links...


As Darby says...




TheCigMan :)



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New Spy Mini-Series - The Company on TNT Network


It is a season for the spy genre...


TNT is airing a 6 hour mini-series The Company...




Based on Robert Littels thriller book.


On Sundays starting 8-5-07


"From the producers Ridley Scott, Tony Scott and John Calley comes an uncompromising look into the history of the CIA"


Starring Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina, and Chris O'Donnell





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Bourne Ultimatum - Movie Review - Warning


I just got back from "The Bourne Ultimatum"...


I'll try not to give anything away... But...


Too much like the first 2 movies...


I felt like I was watching Matt Damon on the 'Amazing Race'


Lots of trains, planes and automobiles...


And not enough spy intrigue for my taste... Needs more background... And Super Secret Talk...


But if you are a fan... You'll enjoy...





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Re: Bourne Ultimatum - Movie Review - Warning


I have read your posts on this sight. To me you seem like a thinker. You will be able to accomplish anything you want, if you put your mind it. Like Bill Gates said 'life is tough, deal with it'.OK because he has money it is easy to say, but you can make a difference in this world, even if it is for yourself



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Re: Bourne Ultimatum - Movie Review - Warning




I worked for alot of firms... I will give you suggestion...


There was a study of male job hires... The guys with no facial hair get the job.


You need to shave the "fuzz"... :)


Take some computer training classes... Get certifications from training classes.... If you can take Microsoft Certified courses... It will be a big plus...


Head hunters and employers only care about computer "certifications" these days... A degree is less of an obstacle to gaining computer programming employment.


Hope this helps.





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Espionage infiltrates screens large and small


Espionage infiltrates screens large and small


05:27 PM CDT on Friday, August 10, 2007




By CHRIS VOGNAR / Movie Critic


The following is for your eyes only.


Spying and intelligence activities have been all over the headlines the last few years. Between the leaked identity of Valerie Plame, the disclosure of secret government surveillance programs and faulty intelligence from Iraq, we've learned more than we ever thought we'd know about such a secretive business.


Meanwhile, on screens big and small, we've seen a surge of spook activity set in the past and present. Even the Cold War tales seem to reflect current events and crises.


"Make no mistake: Western civilization is under attack," warns an intelligence honcho in The Company, the epic story of the CIA's early years that started August 5 and airs at 7 next Sunday on TNT. "There are no textbooks in spying. You make it up as you go along."


That was then. And this is now, from the blockbuster The Bourne Ultimatum. A concerned CIA operative played by Joan Allen challenges her superior (David Strathairn) over a carte blanche spy-and-destroy program that can be used against U.S. citizens:


"You start down this path, where does it end?"


"It ends when we've won."


More than ever the CIA and other spying and intelligence organizations are depicted as the bad guys. Or, as Michael G. Baker puts it, "The CIA guy is shown as dodgy or less than ethical, and it's fair game to show the whole intelligence community that way."


Mr. Baker has a unique vantage point. He was a CIA covert field operations officer for 15 years before entering the private sector. He's also a consultant and story and script adviser for the BBC series Spooks (titled MI5 in the U.S., the series airs Tuesday nights on BBC America and is available on DVD).


"There are more congressional hearings and commissions and reports now," Mr. Baker says by phone. "There's more transparency about the process. That shows up in movies, the skepticism over the nature of intelligence and the motivations and intentions of the intelligence services."


There's also more moral ambiguity and fewer traditional villains. For instance, the fourth season of MI5 follows British intelligence officers as they track a terrorist organization, Shining Dawn, as it plants bombs all over London. But the terrorists aren't Islamic, or Communist. They're merely misanthropic. And their leader, whom they want freed from extradition to the States, is American.


In other recent spy movies the threat comes from within the intelligence community. The Bourne Ultimatum, for instance, finds evil in power-hungry CIA operatives. Breach, which came out earlier this year, tells the story of rogue FBI agent Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper), who sold secrets to the Russians in what turned out to be the biggest security breach in U.S. history.




Michael Keaton in TNT's The Company, the story of the CIA Both Breach and last year's stellar The Good Shepherd – which covers roughly the same historical ground as The Company – spring from the cradle of the modern spy yarn: the Cold War. But they also echo arguments and issues that revolve around the current war on terror.


"The Cold War was fought under a constant mystery," says the spymaster himself, John le Carr, on the DVD of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. "How much can we do in defense of a free and decent society and remain a free and decent society that is worth defending?"


That has an eerily familiar ring to it, partially due to current events but also because so many themes of the spy genre – loyalty, deceit, duty, identity – are so timeless and universal. So while The Good Shepherd is about the formative years of the CIA, it's also about the human price the spy pays for his job. So is The Lives of Others, the Oscar-winning drama about a Stasi surveillance expert assigned to spy on a playwright and his actress wife. Lives, out on DVD Aug. 21, has the luxury of expanding the spying theme into the general public: In Communist East Germany, you were expected and required to spy on your friends and neighbors.


But a topical spy movie isn't necessarily a realistic spy movie. Mr. Baker, the former CIA officer, is a big fan of The Bourne Ultimatum. Which doesn't mean he'd ever use it as a how-to video.


"If you're overseas somewhere and you've got a pack of local police chasing you over rooftops and cars blowing up and people are shooting at you, then you've seriously screwed up," Mr. Baker says. "Your whole purpose is to operate without being on anybody's radar."


Whereas a movie's purpose is to get on as many radars as possible. Judging from the current slate of TV programs, movies and DVDs, that mission is more than accomplished.









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My Favorite Spy Movies...


If you really want to know what the Intelligence business is like...


I've been researching spy movies for years and years and years...


Here are a list of my favorite SPY MOVIES:


o Enemy of the State - Interesting stuff about the NSA


o Three Days of the Condor - Still Relevant Today


o The Pelican Brief... - Remember when that thing fell on Sandra Day O'Connor and Arlen Spectre :)


o All The President's Men - Still Relevant Today... About a COVERT takeover the DEMOCRATIC PARTY


o The Parallax View - Spies and CREEPY corporations... :)


o The Good Shepard - Let's you know the CIA is really bunch of SECRET SOCIETY nutballs :)


o Breach - All about double agents, Mind Control, frame ups and MICROWAVES :)


o Sum of All Fears - Nazis and Spy Organizations all mixed together :) Staging Events :)


o Clear and Present Danger - About a U.S Administration, CIA and the Drug Business :)


o Spy Game - How special forces are recruited to be ASSASSINS :)


I wouldn't recommend any of the BOND movies...


I hear the "OOs" are really British Special Forces (who are psychotic) and kill people in their sleep at 2:00 am when you brain alpha waves are lowest...


Not at all like "Mr. Bond" :)


I wouldn't rent or look up any of this up on THE INTERNET...


I would find them at a flea market or spread it out over time :) If you know what I mean :)





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Re: My Favorite Spy Movies...


Oh I forgot one...


Syraina... About how SPIES really don't work the U.S.A. but GLOBAL NATIONAL CREEPY CORPORATIONS... :)


I think the "intelligence business" is really coming to terms with this...


And regreting it


You should watch it over and over again... :)


Until it SINKS IN... :)


TheCigMan :)



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Chuck and Journeyman - A Good Thing?


So the premiere of Chuck and the Journeyman happened yesterday?...


Was everyone entertained? Think they are good series?...




Let's assume someone like Mr. McMonagle is a super secret agent or someone of above average intellect or paranormal abilities...


And let's suppose he is supposedly a protected 'state secret'... or citizen under the protection of the United States Government...


How does series like Chuck and the Journeyman come to be on National network programming...


We are making a point along the lines of a series like "Future Weapons" on the Discovery Channel?


How did a series about America's weapon's capabilities become entertainment and education for the world?


There is some serious problems with intelligence agencies and the Hollywood and NY TV Movie industries...


Are intel agencies selling information about their "assests" or "targets" to make money and become "hollywood" types in double lives? YES THEY ARE DOING THIS. ITS OBVIOUS.


One would assume by Chuck that Mr. McMonagle is under the protection of the NSA and given a cover of as a member of the Geek Squad.


It's total nonsense. It's propaganda by intelligence agencies and/or the U.S. Government.


Mr. McMonagle is under the belief he is battling the government (and its intelligence agencies including the DoD/DIA/Pentagon types) to establish his identity and maintain his support that is government disablility based.


The latest check disappeared. And he doesn't have much confidence of the next check arriving without incident.


And all this happens on NBC?... NBC is owned by General Electric. The Premier Contractor the U.S. Government.


These people are not very bright. There is a clear link between the Series Chuck, NBC, GE, and U.S. Government.


You don't even need Wikipedia for that!!!


If I was an FBI Agent, I would be looking into all the NBC, GE, and federal U.S. Government agencies and their personnel for revealing STATE SECRETS, NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION, ESPINAGE, COLLABRATION WITH FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS OR AGENTS and TREASON.


As for Journeyman, Mr. McMonagle can not travel through TIME. He would suggest that it is mislabled. He uses an amazing PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY to accomplish so of things he is rumored to do... He goes back in time in his MEMORY... Not in Time.


Something to investigate and prosecute immediately>>>


No one should be IN CONTROL or MANAGING Mr McMonagle





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Re: Chuck and Journeyman - McMonagle Vs. McEagle


As you may have read we have done a 'profile' of Joe McMonagle a.k.a. McEagle a.k.a "001" for NSA/CIA/Army.


But if you have been watching Chuck, Journeyman and reading this bulletin board...


You may have noticed something...


The "JourneyMan" may really be "Joe McMoneagle"...


And one can come to this conclusion but the "appearances" of the 2 characters...


"Chuck" is more like "Mr. McMonagle" easy going disarming charming and little goofy in his 'true' persona.. They also have 'dark' hair.. And 'Mr. McMonagle' has been on the thinner side like 'Chuck'... The rest of the show is nonsense... but we don't want to harp....


"Journeyman" looks like "Joe McMoneagle" is his younger days... Tall Blond/Sandy Blond hair.. However, we don't think "Joe McMonagle" was "going through" time saving people... He was "astrally" projecting himself "harassing" and "destroying" "Mr. McMonagle"'s life... Astrally and in person on the East Coast. We believe torture, murder, assualt, and every diabolically tactic a 'super evil' person can do is used against 'McMonagle' and 'those around him'. We also now believe he make himself "appear" as anyone to others... "impersonation" skill if you will... Some sort of "mind projection" technique... "Journeyman","Joe McMoneagle" and ironically "Mr. McMonagle"s grammer-high school friend and kind of crush NORA FLEMING (they never were really involved due SHE WAS MARRIED.) husband JOE SISK look very much alike... A Strange Strange Coincidence. :)




Just Interesting... :)





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Chuck? The Super Criminal? :(


I think NBC is in BIG TROUBLE with Mr. 'McMonagle'...




(People lives ARE NOT ENTERTAINMENT for other people...)


(Wait till he finds out what these 'executive types' talk about a parties... :) (He kinda knows already... :( And he's not happy about it. Wait till he speak to them ONE ON ONE someday.)


They must know that Mr. 'McMonagle' has an interesting HOBBY.


He studies 'Super Criminal' Genius type bank robbers, jewel/art theifs, grifters and casino bank breakers...


He studies all sorts of 'criminal' bad robber Movies like 'The Thomas Crown Affair'... And the complete genre of movie titles.


They must know his viewing habits of watching 'Masterminds' (He never likes to miss it... :) )


So what does Chuck this week?


He is a 'JEWEL THIEF'...


But then again this is common premise in the 'Spy Genre'...


But things are ADDING UP ON CREDIT side of the ledger AGAINST NBC/GE...


We wouldn't recommend WATCHING CHUCK...


Until 'McMonagle' sues them HIMSELF.


He's not a 'lawyer'... :)





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The NBC Executive Team! Hello From Cyber Space,...


Mr 'McMonagle' has informed us he has a new "project" a management study of the NBC Executive Team.


He loves to study "Organization Charts" to see "how" that person got into the organization...


It's always FASCINATING STUFF to study and TO KEEP TO ONES SELF...


Who knows sometimes he does all these SPARE TIME projects... The PROJECT on NBC could be COMPLETED ALREADY. Sometimes he did things "on the side" and moved into the company.... :)


Mr. Zucker... Mr 'McMonagle' says "Hi..." Be sure everyone tell Mr. Zucker that Mr 'McMonagle' says "Hi..."


He'll get the drift eventually....


Remember that cigarette hijack scene from "Goodfellas" with "DeNiro"...


The character Jimmy Conway tells the truck driver...


"You may not know who were are... BUT WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE..."






I think so... :)




President and Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal




Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, NBC Universal STEVE CAPUS


President, NBC News




Executive Vice President, Human Resources,




President, Integrated Media,


NBC Universal




Executive Vice President and General Counsel, NBC Universal DICK EBERSOL


Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics




President, Media Works, and Chief Information Officer, NBC Universal JEFF GASPIN


President, NBC Universal Cable and Digital Content




Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio MARK HOFFMAN


President, CNBC




President, NBC Universal Television Stations and Network Operations PAULA MADISON


Executive Vice President of Diversity, NBC Universal




President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Studios CORY SHIELDS


Executive Vice President, Communications, NBC Universal




Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio PETER SMITH


President, NBC Universal International



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Agent Regina Suggests John Join 'Geek Squad'...


In a strange coincidence, Aunt Regina suggests to Mrs. McMonagle (the senior) that 'McMonagle' join the Geek Squad to work. What a strange strange coincidence.


But 'McMonagle' also thought of it... So we can't prove anything.


But her daughter, Eileen, was very close with cousin Kevin.


Kevin visits her in Atlantic City. She's worked for Trump as a high end bacaret dealer.


And now she is with Ballys supposedly.


Go play some Bacaret or High Stakes Poker. You have to a HIGH ROLLER to do THAT... WITH HER.


Supposedly, MICHAEL JORDAN was a favorite player who would stop by the bacaret or poker pit. I'm sure they were many other rich and celebrity like people who did the same. So did 'McMonagle' :)


I wonder if Kevin is close with Aunt Regina as well?


Aunt Regina and Cousin Eileen used to 'use' the Avon Shore Garage Apartment that the 'McMonagle' family rented. They would go 'during' the week. I wonder what they did down there?


Must have 'hit' the beach I guess....


We suspect Kevin and others trying to manipulate 'McMonagle' into covert 'endorsement deals'...


I guess the 'Geek Squad' is for NBC/GE.


Kevin also suggested John use a 'scooter' around town. 'McMonagle' LOVES to ask Kevin McMonagle about the scooter. Kevin IS SERIOUSLY DELUDED AS TO 'MCMONAGLE's KNOWLEDGE OF HIS ACTIVITIES. LOL.


We suspect that KEVIN might have 'BROKE OUT' AUNT REGINA, COUSIN EILEEN and COUSIN SHARON. He had the time to do it since he 7 years older than 'McMonagle'. What a shame.


And AUNT REGINA is now trying FORCE OUT her sister ANN MCMONAGLE from being with BRIAN MCMONAGLE and grand son and grand daughter. REGINA IS NOW THE 'GOD MOTHER' to the ANN's grand son? REGINA spends all her time with BRIAN and HIS CASSANDRA and HER MOTHER.




'McMonagle' SUSPECTS CASSANDRA of being sent by the 'Brooklyn MOB' to seduce and control BRIAN MCMONAGLE. Her mother allegedly used/or still does WORK AT HAIRCUTTING across from BAYONNE CABLEVISION and the new WALGREENS.


Brian is in MOUNT LAUREL. Loves to take the KIDS to ATLANTIC CITY??!!! He must have moved their from UNION, N.J. (not to be confused with Union City) so HE CAN MAKE QUICKER ATLANTIC CITY RUNS. You should ask GEORGE FARLEY how and what they did on those TRIPS!!!


Family TIES can be DANGEROUS!,





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Geek Squad Suggest Years Before Chuck.


Oh Yes, The Geek Squad suggestion for Mr. 'McMonagle' was made years before "Chuck" of NBC came out by Aunt Regina. Or did Kevin McMonagle tell Aunt Regina do that?... Or did Brian 'The Italian' McMonagle...


Oh by way, Kevin McMonagle used to look alot like "The Fonz" of "Happy Days" just like Mr. Winkler. Maybe Kevin 'The Crazy Evil Jew' McMonagle is an IRISH/JEWISH nationality plant in the Patrick 'The Senior' McMonagle family. Look at old photos of 'Kev' from the Bayonne High School yearbook.


In fact, this 'whole Chuck' business on NBC/GE/MIC/U.S. Government must been planned YEARS IN ADVANCE.


A big UNPLEASANT surprise to Mr. 'McMonagle'....


Wondering... About The NBC Management Team! :) ,





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CHUCK - Stiill a 'Geek' who can't score... :(


NBC still hasn't gotten the "message" regarding "Chuck" and "Heroes"...


CHUCK turns down "secret agent sex" to pursue a real relationship...


MEDIA companies who portray "smart" people as "losers" and "italians" as "studs" will learn that...




We can't blame him there... Some of the "female agents" are freaky we hear... :)


Unfortunately, we HAVE TO RESPOND and not make idle comments:





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