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The old - new word seems not to go away quite. Commonly referred to as a propulsion system with no moving parts, but ionic winds does not seem to explain all of it.


Theories base UFO's on a type of this system, lifters are based on this system, and perhaps leading to different thinking and jumping ahead of the crowd using more a Maxwell's Equations and perhaps a bit of fuzzy thinking -- more thinking along a old-new type technology that could also give answers to achieving -- time-traveling mechanical equipment.


A different way of thinking?












Due to Earnshaw's theorem, no static arrangement of classical electrostatic fields can be used to stably levitate an object. There is a point where the two fields cancel, but it is unstable. However, it is possible to use dynamically changing electric fields to hold an object in position. On the moon the photoelectric effect charges fine layers of dust on the surface forming an atmosphere of dust floating in "fountains" over the surface of the moon.


The Biefeld–Brown effect, discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown (USA) and Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld (CH), was researched during the 1950's and 1960's on the use of this electric propulsion effect during the publicized era of gravity control propulsion research. During 1964, Major De Seversky had in fact published a lot of his related work in U.S. Patent 3,130,945 , and with the aim to forestall any possible misunderstanding about these devices, had termed these flying machines as ionocrafts. In the following years, many promising concepts had to be abandoned and forgotten due to the technological limitations, but at the same time, science has advanced a lot in the EHD field. The effect has only recently become popular again and such flying devices are now known as EHD thrusters. Simple single-stage versions lifted by this effect are sometimes also called lifters.




Ah, before the madness starts, this is just some links to provide for a discussion debate on whether any of it will ever be used for anything and like I stated -- onwards to time-traveling mechanical devices -- well, as soon as more knowledge is learned or experiments done.


Some people on other forums think the B-2 Bomber is using this type of technology also leaning towards anti-gravity type systems along with the stealth, and other subjects, making up newer technologies along with the other newer technologies -- you know - nanotechnology and all of that.



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Then after all of that and all the hype if you get through this (and no, I have not yet!) then:




The discussion will begin in about a month I guess!


Or why we are still here on Planet Earth, noone knows, but we will be here anyway in this inertial frame of reference. --- a joke???


And what does this all have to do with Coulomb Laws and all this Tesla stuff and anything else, like Time Travelling?



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