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Wikipedia Infiltrated by Intelligence Agents?

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Wikipedia Infiltrated by Intelligence Agents?




Posted by Zonk on Friday July 27, @05:11PM


from the super-seekrit-spy-stuff dept.


An anonymous reader writes


"International Humanitarian Law professor Ludwig Braeckeleer thinks so. In an article published yesterday in the Korean newspaper OhMyNews, he reveals a discovery he made while researching a story on the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland. It turns out that a Wikipedia administrator named SlimVirgin is actually Linda Mack, a woman who as a young graduate in the 1980s was hired by investigative reporter Pierre Salinger of ABC News to help with the investigation. Salinger later came to believe that Mack was actually working for Britain's MI5 on a mission to investigate the bombing and to infiltrate and monitor the news agency. Shortly after her Wikipedia identity was uncovered, many of her edits to articles related to the bombing were permanently removed from the database in an attempt to conceal her identity. This discovery comes only months after another Wikipedia admin was caught lying about his credentials to the press. What can Wikipedia do about those who would use it for their own purposes?"




Leave it to those 'limey bastards' at MI5 to mess with our Wikipedia!!! :)


I bet they killed JFK too... :)





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