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Here is a good theory for time travel.


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I was watching BTTF


OK this is impossible I will tell you why I was watching back to the future and in it where they go too 2015 and Marty sees his daughter and son well this would be impossible heres why .


He left 1985 and didn't live between the year 1985-2015 so seeing he didn't live through that time and skipped into the future he would not have had sons and daughters and would of been just missing.


So see that you can't go back before you were born either because you didn't exist yet so that would be impossible too.


Just a few more things too add from BTTF 2 you can't go back in time with stuff from the future and bring it back before it existed Like the Hover board or even the Delorean so the whole BTTF trilogy is booty But I still love time travel movies shows and books even if you can't do it.


My favorite is when star trek goes back into time or does something with time those are my favorite episode.


Then there are Quantum Leap, Voyagers, Time cop, Time Trax, 7 days, Tru calling but I am not sure because she only repeats 1 day, Doctor Who, The Time Tunnel,


But I do have a theory on Deja Vu that's pretty good.


Deja Vu is when you thought you relived a moment or was at the same place before.


What if it's that you were reliving those moments before at the same time.


When you live your life you do things then you get too the end and die what if when you die you get reborn as yourself and it's your own personal loop and that's why dejavu feels so real because you actually did live that moment before.



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