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Telephone Coil Timeline


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Hi I am new to these boards. I've been infatuated with Time Travel since I was young and keep hypothesizing new Temporal ideas.


I have always had a problem trying to picture what time/space or timeline (if there is such a thing) would resemble.


I recently had the idea that it is like the telephone cable that attaches the handset to the phone. A tight coil! Like DNA! Most things in science/nature follow patterns, like spherical orbits which would include, Atoms/solar systems/Galaxies, etc. So why would DNA be the only thing which is tightly coiled up. One side could be time the other space connected together and coiled up. The beginning could connect to the end in this way which means there is no beginning and no end to time and space. Its always been here and always will. Outside of this I don't know. Life that exists independant of the time and space as we know it. If you believe in God, he could exist in this way hence his claim that he has always been, he would've created time/space so doesn't need to be a part of it.


The most important part of this theory is that the past and future is also beside you! Instead of trying to come out of T/S travel along and re-enter at a different point, or move back or forward through it, you could just jump to an earlier point beside your current one. You would somehow have to punch out of T/S or make a bridge which connects the two parts of the timeline.


This is all crazy to read but if we keep coming up with new ideas we come that bit closer to finding out the correct one which actually works.







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