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Rupert Murdoch - Evil Genius? :)

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As you know, Rupert Murdoch has purchased the Wall Street Journal for 5 billion dollars. It will go the way of the NY Post.


With the Wall Street Journal, he can mold views in the Financial Markets....


Interesting he owns FOX which owns American Idol...


In other posts, I jestingly suggested that "American Idol" was really a cell phone profiling operation that collects Americans phone numbers. :)


More people vote for American Idol than they do for Presidential Elections...


Also, that contestant "Taylor Hicks" was molded to act and look like Bill Clinton... To profile Democrats who would vote for him. :)


Murdoch also owns MYSPACE. Where people identify all the friends, family and lifestyle for all to see.


What will Mr. Murdoch do with all this information?


Recently in a European Interview, Mr. Murdoch admitted he tried to support the Bush Administration with FOX News...


I wonder :)





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