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MindcontrolTV - Mind Control Series

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This post is inspired by a South Park episode where a character talks about MTV...


He says "MTV... It's mind control but its not but it really is..."


Real Message Received By Viewers of these Shows...


MTV Network Videos


- Be a grammatically incorrect ridiculously dressed unemployable American who talks to himself


- Treat your women like bitches and hos


- Women just want your money


- Don't get married


- Don't support your kids




- Have a ridiculously expensive financed home with stuff you can't afford


- It's good to be rich




- Let's have fun at someone else's expense that has a dream


The Hills and Newport Harbour


- Be Self Absorbed and Vain and Promiscuous


My Super Sweet 16


- Nag your parents to spend all their money on garbage for you


- No college fund or down payment on a house for you


Pimp My Ride and Trick It Out


- Don't buy a new car... Have a foreign car


- Spend all your money fixing up your car to look a pimp with multimedia crap


- Get distracted in your car while driving and die


Engaged and Underage


- Get married too young and ruin your life


Room 401


- Reality is not what it seems... At least they are honest here... :)


Making The Band


- Do anything to get what you want


The Inferno


- Reality Stars are COOL


The Stew


- Make a ridiculous video of yourself and post it on YouTube


Rob and Big


- African-Americans don't do much... Learn To Skate Man!


Real World


- Be a meddling confrontational nut with everyone you deal with


Dances From The Hood


- We Will Teach You To Be Cool... We are your friend... Listen To Us




- Your Mom and Dad are too busy for you - We Are Your Parents - Listen To Us




It's all very sad... :(





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Sumner Redstone - Viacom - MTV


Viacom is owned by Sumner Redstone. At first glance, you would believe Sumner to be a rich waspy type. However, this is not case.




Sumner Murray Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein on May 27, 1923 in Boston, Massachusetts) is majority owner and Chairman of the Board of the National Amusements theater chain. Through National Amusements, he is majority owner of Midway Games, Viacom and CBS Corporation.


I once heard Randi Rhodes of Air America claiming there is no Military Industrial Entertainment Complex or Protocols of Zion Jewish Conspiracies because Viacom is owned by Sumner Redstone.


I am sure LexisNexis can verify...


LoL... Now that's funny... :)


As for Ms. Rhodes...




Randi Rhodes (born Randi Bueten on January 28, 1959 in Brooklyn, New York), is an American talk radio personality featured on Air America Radio where her eponymous program, The Randi Rhodes Show, airs Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm Eastern Time, with many Air America Radio affiliates recording the show for broadcast later in the evening. Her married name is Randi Robertson; Rhodes is a stage name chosen to honor Ozzy Osbourne's guitar player Randy Rhoads, whom Rhodes describes as "a consummate professional ... who lived to be the best." [1]


Rhodes was brought up in a Jewish household, but does not discuss her religious views publicly. Her father was a mechanical engineer and World War II veteran and her mother worked in a dress shop. She grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, but her parents divorced when she was 15, and she and her father moved to California.


Sumner used to work for the Justice Department


Randi Rhodes was in the Military...


Now, thats interesting.... :)





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Jerry Springer Show - Mind Control Series


The most insidious MIND CONTROL going on TV is the "The Jerry Springer Show"


It almost exclusively shows white gentile rural area Americans as "Crazy White Trash" with every conceivable deviant behavior possible.


Audience members are encouraged to "confront" everyone with taunts and name calling on stage.


I'm sure the Super Secret Super Computers can confirm our Shadow Government Super Computers that "road rage" and "the breakdown of American Society" has increased every year the "Springer Show" has been on!!!


When Jerry Springer shows the dysfunctions of Orthdox Jews or the Hasidic Jews, I'll stop thinking he is a race baiting mind controlling Zionist Illumanti. :)


I won't hold my breath... :)


Jerry Springer always "cops out" that is only the show's HOST... come on... lol.. :)






Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer (born February 13, 1944) is a British-born American celebrity, a former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, musician, television personality, and host of the controversial television tabloid talk show bearing his name, The Jerry Springer Show. He is also the current host of America's Got Talent.


Springer was born in East Finchley tube station,[1] London, England in 1944. His parents, Margot and Richard Springer, were Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.[1] In January 1949, he emigrated to the United States, settling in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York. He attended Forest Hills High School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in 1965, majoring in political science. He earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Northwestern University in 1968.[1][2] He then became a political campaign aide to Robert F. Kennedy;[2] after Kennedy's assassination, he joined the Cincinnati law firm of Frost & Jacobs, now Frost Brown Todd.


And he may be a British Spy... :)





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The Daily Show - Mind Control Series


The latest Zionist Illuminati effort for MIND CONTROL in America is The Daily Show.


More young americans get their political news from THE DAILY SHOW than any other SOURCE.


The Daily Show is continious effort to make AMERICAN POLITICS look SILLY.


Thus make young americans no longer interested in POLITICS.


The MIND CONTROL MESSAGE is POLITICS is silly and don't take it seriously...


It is hosted by Jon Stewart...




Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz on November 28, 1962) is an American comedian, satirist, actor, writer, author, and producer. He is perhaps best known as the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show and for his political satire.


Jon Stewart was born in New York City[4] and grew up in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. His father, Donald Leibowitz, is a physicist at The College of New Jersey and his mother, Marian, is an educational consultant. His parents divorced when he was nine years old. He and his older brother, Larry, stayed with their mother. While attending Lawrence High School, he was a member of the school band as a French horn player. Stewart has said that he was subjected to considerable harassment from some of his classmates as he was the only Jewish student. He describes his high school self as 'very into Eugene Debs and a bit of a leftist.'[5] He graduated from Lawrence High School third in his class.[6]


Stewart attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, majoring in PSYCHOLOGY


Stewart roomed with future congressman Anthony Weiner, who, to date, is the only politician to have received campaign donations from the Daily Show host[9].


In 2000, when host Larry King asked him if he was a Democrat, Jon confirmed but went on to say that he was "more of socialist or an independent.'[14]




In 1994, Paramount pulled the plug on The Arsenio Hall Show and, with new corporate sibling MTV (through MTV parent Viacom's acquisition of the studio), launched an hour-long syndicated late-night version of The Jon Stewart Show.




Crossfire appearance


Stewart attracted media attention as a result of a televised exchange with former CNN personality Tucker Carlson on Crossfire on October 15, 2004. Stewart criticized the state of television journalism and pleaded with the show's hosts to 'stop hurting America,' and referred to both Carlson and co-host Paul Begala as 'partisan hacks.' This exchange became one of the most widely viewed Internet videos to date,[24] and a topic of much media discussion.


During the interview, Stewart asserted that Crossfire had failed in its responsibility to inform and educate viewers about politics as a serious topic. Stewart complained that the show engaged in partisan hackery instead of honest debate, and said that the hosts' assertion that Crossfire is a debate show is like 'saying pro wrestling is a show about athletic competition.' Carlson responded by saying that Stewart criticizes news organizations for not holding public officials accountable, but when he interviewed John Kerry, Stewart asked a series of softball questions. Stewart responded that the media is in dismal shape if '[it is looking] to Comedy Central for [its] cues on integrity.' When Carlson continued to press Stewart on the Kerry issue, Stewart said, 'You're on CNN! The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls! What is wrong with you?' When Carlson told Stewart he was not as funny in person as he was on his show, Stewart retorted, 'You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.'[25] In response to further prods from Carlson to 'be funny,' Stewart said, 'No, I'm not going to be your monkey.'






And his writing staff of 20 plus was all JEWISH except for STEPHEN COLBERT... WHO LEFT!!!>


COLBERT is doing a parody of Right Wing Nut Job Bill O'Reilly does not have the same MIND CONTROL effects....


I think I made my points... :) Beware of the Zionist Illuminati Media!!! :)





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Homework Assignment - Mind Control Series


Why is "The Howard Stern Show" and "TMZ.com" also Zionist Illuminati Mind Control Efforts...


What are their connections to everyone else?


Why are they destroying our "American Celebrity" culture...


What new technology are they using? What does it do? :)





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Re: Homework Assignment - Mind Control Series


Your next homework assignment is the "Maury Show"


What are all his connections... To players previously mentioned...


Why does he make "Fatherhood" a game for African-Americans...


Love those "paternity" tests GAME SHOW like atmosphere...


Why does he target AFRICAN-AMERICANS...


Why does Jerry Springer target WHITE GENTILES


I wonder what they talk about in private... :)





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Rap Music - Mind Control Series


Everyone should have noticed by now...


That rap music is most insidious MIND CONTROL going on...


It targets the African American community...


The repetitive beats...


The repetitive phrases...


The "Gangsta" themes...




Think about it...







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Re: Rap Music - Mind Control Series


quoted from the great tupac shakur:


"will there ever be peace? or are we all just headed for doom still consumed by the beast? and i KNOW there'll never be peace. thats why i keep my pistol when i walk the streets."


or maybe...


"dear mr. president, tell us what to do. these niggas acting up in the hood. send more troops."




"you leave your kids with your momma cause your headed for the club in a skin tight miniskirt looking for some love. you got your legs wide open while your sitting at the bar, talking to some nigga bout his car. i guess he said he had a lexus. whats next? you headed to his car for some sex. i cant hold tears aside, cause lord knows i tried. now all the other people on my block hate your guts. then you wonder why they stare, and call you slut. its like your mind dont understand. you dont have to kill your dreams plotting schemes on a man. keep your head up, legs closed, eyes open. either a nigga wear a rubber or he dies smoking. im hearing rumors and you need to switch, and thats why they call ya bitch, i bet ya."


see, the problem is that i bet you can listen to neil young, and get the message because you relate. but you could never, not even once in your life, feel pac. you, my freind, are the one who is brainwashed. you tend to not see the racism in your last statement. but i do.



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Hey...a topic that we can agree on re. "reality TV".


Remember Albert Brooks' 1979 movie "Real Life"? A movie in a movie about a producer who wants to film a "typical" family's "day in the life"?


A quote from the movie:


"Martin Brand: [after one of Albert's rants] Albert, what the hell are you talking about? Look, let's not argue - say the family's fine, say the family's perfect. Let's talk about YOU for a minute. Look what YOU'VE done. You FAILED - that's what you did, you shmuck, you failed. You started out with this artsy-craftsy reality crap and what did you end up with? The NEWS, the goddamned NEWS! People get that for free! You think somebody's gonna hire a babysitter, take a taxicab, go all the way the hell downtown, walk to the box office, shell out four bucks, and say, "Here, here - here's my four dollars. What time does the news go on?"


Had Albert only known how sadly true it would become. He based the satire on "An American Family" which was shot here in Santa Barbara at the Loud family home...where mom kicked dad out and filed for divorce on TV...wonderful.)



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The Sumner Redstone Conspiracy :)


We have been "studying" Sumner Redstone... :)


We recently saw a picture of him...


And we are puzzled...


Sumner looks very ANGLO-SAXON... More like an Irishmen...


And he has RED HAIR...


Was Sumner SWITCHED at birth?


Did an Irish Nurse at the hospital or Mid-wife replace the "original" with the person who would grow up to change his name to "Sumner Redstone"...


Did this person realize he wasn't REALLY Jewish? :) On a sub-concious level...







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