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The "British Culture" Takeover of America


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The \"British Culture\" Takeover of America


Has anyone noticed that the American Entertainment culture is UNDER ATTACK...


Hollywood Studios have tried to import DOZENS upon DOZENS of British and Australian Celebrities...


o Russel Crowe


o Hugh Grant,


o Colin Firth


o,Kate Winslet


o Hugh Laurie


o Etc..


o Etc..


And now the "Bionic Woman" an American Icon is being played a British Actress...


U.S. Networks Attract British Stars




Also premiering that night is NBC's remake of the sci-fi series "Bionic Woman," starring British actress Michelle Ryan. She's little known in the U.S. but famous at home after appearing in more than 300 episodes of the popular BBC soap "EastEnders."


Never mind the endless copycat Simon Cowell imitations shows... Such as "America's Got Talent"


The premise.. Have British jerks make fun of Americans...


Sounds like MIND CONTROL all over again...


Who runs Hollywood and why are they outsourcing our American Actors? Mmmmmm


Does "The Howard Stern Show" and TMZ.com harass and reveal every detail of these BRITISH STARS lives...




Why? :)





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Bionic Woman and Life premiere Tonight...


So tonight is the premiere of the Bionic Woman and Life...


I think Life is going to be a big hit...


Framed and sent to prison for 12 years...


Learning all sorts of things from other prisoners...


And then get his job back as a cop... With some amazing cash in reserve... :)


In addition to the smokin hot partner they have for the series star...


As for the Bionic Woman, I am disappionted it is getting bad reviews here and there...


Bionic Women is American Icon and we have one in real life if you have seen MSNBC recently... I am looking for forward to the match up against the Katee Sackoff of Starback Battlestar Galactica fame...


Maybe she'll win... :)


And I wonder what Leah Remini is up to after the "King of Queens"...


I think she would...


Make an excellent NYPD cop or Federal Agent for a re-occuring role or series actress...


On either Life, Bionic Woman or some other NY based series prime time or cable :)


But I'm just a fan of Cop Shows, Sci-Fi and smoking hot actresses... :)





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Re: Bionic Woman and Life premiere Tonight...


I'm getting the feeling someone is spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the TV. ;)


That could certainly explain a lot. :)


The real world outdoors is pretty nice, CigMan. You should try it once in awhile. You do know the waves coming out of the boob tube are a means of mind control, right? Seems to be working very well! :)





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Re: Bionic Woman and Life premiere Tonight...




As for "You do know the waves coming out of the boob tube are a means of mind control, right? Seems to be working very well! :)"


I noticed the mind control as a kid... :)


I prefer the movies... or radio but I think I'm falling in love with a female republican radio host... :) Not good for maintaining my independence... I like her social values...


But there is all this "interesting" stuff on TV these days... :)


Why are you inviting me surfing? in Huntington Beach?




Maybe you can come and skateboard/snowboard with me... :)





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The 6 Billion Dollar Man - TV / Movie Pitch


Here is one I've been thinking about for a long time as well...


Title: The 6 Billion Dollar Man




A soldier/secret agent/cop is developed by the U.S. Government using every possible super human theory available...


o Psychic Powers


o Clairvoyance


o Mind Reading


o Telekensis


o Various Self-Defense Philospohies


o Encyclopedia Like Memory


o Combat Training


o Police Investigative Techniques


o Undercover Training


o Various supportive "secret" government type roles - Handlers, Agents, Cops and Support Team Members


o Endless supply of villians from city life to evil corporations and countries


He is not bionic... But might be involved in the robotics industry... :)


It would be compliment series (and/or guest spots) to the "Bionic Woman"...


We don't want everyone to think they are going to be part robot or stem cell replacement part people... :) (or clones...)


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.





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If you want to lose your NYC area accent... :)


I've been working on some nmemonics linguistic mantras to help you lose it...


If you are a type-cast actress, it wouldn't hurt to try it... :)


CLASS: Lose Your NYC Accent




Repeat the following phrases:


- It doesn't hurt to look at the phonetic pronunciations of the words in a dictionary or thesarsus


o Water Like Quarter


o Ask Like Flask (Not Ax)


o Hello Like Yellow


o Hi like Bye


o Door like Floor


o Stuff like Fluff


o Yup is Yes


o Yo is Hi


o Coffee Like Toffee


And some other guidelines are...


o "Forget About It" Not Fugitabootit :)


o "Not For Nothing" Should Never Be Used In Conversation :)


o Irregardless Is Regardless :)


o "Bye Bye" is for Babies :)


o Referring to people by curse words is not nice :)


o "What The F????" is not a nice question :)


o "Eat ?? or ???? Me" is not a good challenge or "comeback" to give to people :)


And most importantly...


o Giving Someone "The Finger" is not HELLO :)


There maybe a class at the Learning Annex in NYC in the future... :)


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.


"Mr. McMonagle" may add some more or revise the lesson... :) He is an idea guy! :)





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Re: Bionic Woman and Life premiere Tonight...


We liked Life...


He was just a little too "spacey" and "weird"...


A NYC Cop turned "Zen" based philospoher would sound alittle more coherent and logical...


A guy with an edge with wisdom...


He would sound "mystical" from time to time... But have that whole Law&Order Criminal Intent Sherlock Holmes Cop street attitude and interactive questioning... Played by Vincent D'Onofrio.


(We are big fans of Criminal Intent... But you can't "catch" everyone every week... Space out it out and go back and forth with stories or have "villians" reappear...")


So what happened to the 5-50 million dollar settlement?.. In the show (and real life :) )... :)


And the Bionic Woman was very interesting... :)


We think it revealed "a little too much" we don't want another CSI:NY "How To Kill A Superman" episode... :)


We still think Katee Sackoff is going to end up as the AMERICAN bionic woman... :)


But we are just TV SciFi fans....


Be On Your Best Behavior! :) You might lose fans...





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The 6 Billion Dollar Man - Movie Rights For Sale!




I just found out that "Dimension Films" with Harvey and Bob Weinstein have the rights to the "6 Million Dollar" man...


Of course...


My "intellectual property" rights lawyers will have to "go through" their scripts and film treatments to see if it "infringes" any ideas, images or concepts of my "6 BILLION DOLLAR" man COPYRIGHTED film treatment that "is not based" on the "6 MILLION DOLLAR" man or the concept of "bionics" or "robotic replacement parts" for the human body.


I WILL SELL THE RIGHTS for the "6 BILLION DOLLAR MAN" for 1.39 MILLION DOLLARS... (So it's a "million after taxes"... :)


I will arrange a "clandestine meeting" in L.A., Chicago, Boston, New York or Miami...


To "expedite" such a deal...


I will "sign on the dotted line" in person....


To stick it to the "Weinsteins"...


So you can "beat them to punch and go into production" before they do...


This is how "Hollywood" really works... :)


Please leave a "private message" here at the TimeTravelInstitute.com





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