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The 'American Irish' Conspiracy :)


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The 'American Irish' Conspiracy :)


Every wonder why Irish people are compelled to be Fireman or Cops or Soldiers...


Why do they have the 'need' to protect people?... Are they the 'Earth's Supermen' :)


Why do the 'Masons' recruit them after they are 'on the job'


What twisted things do the 'Masons' do to control them?


Why are there 'St. Patricks Day' parades in America?


It wouldn't be SOCIAL PROGRAMMING to have the Irish drink Alcohol? :) Nah! >


Why does the Illumanti want the Irish to drink Alcohol?


Hey that MCMONEAGLE guy has MAGICAL POWERS? Weird Huh?...


Why are the British and the Israelis so CONCERNED about them... You know the Irish? :) >


Why do they SPY and MEDDLE in Irish peoples lives? What are they afraid of?...


I guess the stories of MAGICAL LITTLE PEOPLE not so crazy at all? :)


Something to think about?...


If was Irish... I wouldn't drink alcohol... :)





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