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Don Rumsfeld Equal Brain Tumors? :)


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So what's the deal with Don Rumsfeld?


What's this stand while having meetings?


How long can you stand while having a meeting?


5? 10? 20? Minutes...


Is the real information there hardly any meetings or discussions conducted by him?


Does anyone this "meeting" people want to come forward? And tell us what really happened?


And this "Equal Sugar Substitute" stuff...


His main claim to fame is a questionable sugar substitute since leaving as Secretary of Defense?...


This qualified him to come back into public life?


Sounds strange to me...






Initial safety testing suggested that aspartame caused brain tumors in rats; as a result, the additive was held up in the United States for many years in the FDA's approval process. In 1980, the FDA convened a Public Board of Inquiry (PBOI) consisting of independent advisors charged with examining the purported relationship between aspartame and brain cancer. The PBOI's conclusions were unclear whether aspartame causes brain damage, and recommended against approving aspartame at that time, citing unanswered questions about cancer in laboratory rats. In 1981, FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes, newly appointed by President Ronald Reagan, approved aspartame as a food additive. He was closely associated with the artificial sweetener industry having several close friends, most notably Donald Rumsfeld, former United States Secretary of Defense, and then the CEO of G.D. Searle.[citation needed] Hayes cited data from a single Japanese study that had not been available to the members of the PBOI, as his reason for approval. [3]


Since the FDA approved aspartame for consumption, some researchers have suggested that a rise in brain tumor rates in the United States may be at least partially related to the increasing availability and consumption of aspartame. [4], [5] Some research, often supported by companies producing artificial sweeteners, has failed to find any link between aspartame and cancer or other health problems. [6], [7] However, recent research shows a clear link between this substance and cancer; a link which may be sufficient evidence for the FDA to pull aspartame from the market. [8] [9] This research has led the Chemical Cuisine Directory to classify aspartame as a substance to be avoided. [10]




One of "Mr. McMonagle's" jokey warnings for people to inform themselves is "aspartame is not good for your brain"... Based on what he heard and read about...


Is this why people have problems reading and reading comprehension along with mercury in fillings along with all the other horrible stuff that is damaging people...


If he is concerned, it might be something you should be too and investigate...





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