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The Prophecy Matrix - Movie Pitch


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And that "Mr. McMonagle" has yet another pitch...


Maybe he really is "mystically" on the wrong coast... :)


THE WORKING TITLE: The Prophecy Matrix




A student/researcher writes down and tracks interesting prophecies and predictions from mystics, psychics, mediums, preachers, strange stories and so called holy books and other sources... Over a 30 year period.


Only to years later be driven to design an intersecting prophecy matrix pointing to a dire time for humanity and the world...


And intrigue follows...


Toward mind blowing ending that leaves many questions for the audience to ponder...


MUSIC: Lots of strange pop and rock songs along with chamber and chant type music...




And the copyright goes to:


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.


We just love that guy... :)





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