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The Helmet - Movie Pitch


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We have another movie pitch inspired by "Mr. McMonagle"






A working class kid who a skateboarder/surfer is encouraged to play football in his Sophmore year. Why they (football coaches) didn't want him to play his freshmen year puzzles him. The freshmen team is a championship team. The senior varisity is on the verge of another football dynasty for the high school.


Strange events occur... Key players from political families and school administrators pick fights with him on the way and at football camp...


The coach is rumored to be the cousin or half brother of the Mayor... The football coaching staff is filled with ex-pro, college and high school football stars...


Strangely, the give a mid-year "walk on" a helmet... They tell him its a pro team helmet (like the Giants). He wonders why?... No one else got a pro helmet...


In practice, he is put up against the varisty squad... Dominated by the Football Coaches "quarterback" son who is rumored to be "legally blind" and wears coke bottle glasses like his brother. His plays Defensive End. He put up against the Coaches nephews' star guard and tackles.


He rushes past them as he there weren't there... Pushes them aside as races to get the Quaterback.


Time and Time again... They Test Him... They bring in people of different races to go against him.


He performs even better...


But then they never use him scrimmages or move him up junior varisty or varisty when they have done so in the past for star underclassmen...


Intrigue ensues... :)


Years later, he reveals the reason why he joined the football and wrestling teams...


A crush on the Coaches Neice who was a "Team Sponsor/Helper"... Not any of the cheerleaders... :)


Years even later, a super star emerges on the local professional team...


He becomes the greatest DEFENSIVE END OF ALL TIME... Helps bring the local team to a CHAMPONSHIP SEASON...


He is a fan... He was part of great local team era...


He wonders what HELMET he is wearing... For the rest of his life... And Smiles :)


People remember that the high school team might have won the championship team... If they had someone to stop a freight train of a running back... "Ironside Mayweather" :)


In this section of movie... He wonders if "Ironside Mayweather" who goes on to a decent pro career ever knew of him.>


Fade to black... :)


A girlfriend in college always mentions the movie "All The Right Moves"... It always puzzles him.


Because his football career was ended by local political machine and school admin politics.


We love his script ideas! It should have the same photographic DP unit as "All The Right Moves"...


He can't wait to get to Hollywood or is it New Hollywood? :)





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