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Is time travel institute DOOMED


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I have gotten my first email from RMT as a mod.


Please stay on topic From: RainmanTimeAnd please do not pick fights with anyone.

Is this the end? I think RMT has worked very hard to gain our administrators trust in order to exact his private revenge on me. I scared him greatly obviously and he never posted publicly again but he gained Rauls trust and his first post since the last post on my thread was to stop tallking about him in a post that is about him. Naturaly I questioned that because if had really wanted to end the talk he would lock it down. Well it got locked down but not after darby put in his own to sense to admonish me.. Thank you that NOT!Well now it has become clear to me that RMT has worked very hard to infiltrait the inner workings of TTI to gain acess to peoples personal information that may or may not annoy him...


Nobody shall ever comfortable Disagree with RMT at TTI ever again. YOU CAN ONLY TRAVEL IN CLOSED TIME LOOPS. RainmanTime has spoken!..


Of course this is only MY conspiracy thoery... I can only hope RMT will allow it to remain on this board.



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titorite, why do you try so hard to make rmt look like a sorry p.o.s.? you really seem like a good guy and all, but why dont you just let it go? im more than sure that rmt will be a fair moderator, and that he will not hold a grudge against you.


its no conspiracy. and if it was a conspiracy, what are they conspiring to do? get rid of you? if so, you wouldve been gone already. they just want you to be respectful to others, and that does include rmt. im sure he's willing to put it all behind him if you are.


just think about it. im not your enemy, only looking to help you. and i'd hate to see you get banned for something as silly as this.



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Dude ruthless you said some pretty ( what I thought at the time as) nasty (Lets us now say less polite rather than nasty) stuff to me also on that 2012 thread....


You know I have said this once b4 today. YOu can not tell a mans inflection on a print format. I was never heated or "angry" at RMT until he brought up his phoney balogna libel BS. And No I did not expect him to make the matter personal. I expected him to be a decent Mod with no grudges to nurse... So why is it when I comment about him on a thread about him as mod I get a PM warning me to "stay on topic"


HMMMM? I am not trying to paint the man as anything. I am calling it like I see it. I seriously think that introduction thread didn't need to be locked. If it was only supposed to be that one post by mop MOP COULDA LOCKED IT AND PINNED IT. Instead its locked not pinned will fall away and when one of our less frequent visitors enter well I guess they will be SOL and TBFT.


As for the conspiracy to get rid of me... well Another little birdie has already informed me that I am on my way out.


{edited: for politeness and the bold move of messangeing me. Much netiqute respect to the man willing to shake cyber hands}



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"Dude ruthless you said some pretty nasty stuff to me also on that 2012 thread...."


whoah! wait a cotton-picking minute! when did i EVER say anything nasty to you? i would like a quote.


i have stated several times that i do not think you are a bad guy at all. i just think you already have your mind made up about 9/11 and you follow that belief blindly.


i realized something when rmt started talking about conspiracy theory sites: they are propaganda sites. they will take things and edit it in such ways to make things sound the way they want. the people who put up sites to prove that 9/11 wasnt a controlled demolition are propaganda sites too.


but this i believe. rmt is not biased at all, he isnt spouting any propaganda. trust me, im not a very gullible person at all, and anyone who thinks i am is a total loon. everything rmt told me about 9/11, i checked, and rechecked...and rechecked just to make sure.


i will say this, when i first saw the video on tv that day, my first opinion was, "it was a controlled demolition." i believed that whole heartedly until i had a professional engineer explain to me the facts. after listening to what rmt had to say, and learning a whole lot about controlled demolitions, i would state that i am almost positive that they were not part of a controlled demolition.


btw, im curious if anyone knows the answer to this question. how many controlled demolitions have turned most of the structure to dust? how many controlled demolitions have lakes of melted steel that stay melted for what seems like forever?


now, i know this will probably do absolutely no good, but i will try.


please chill with all of this. you are probably correct in your assumptions that your fixing to be gone. i dont want that. to me, you are an intelligent person (albeit stubborn) and i would hate to see you leave.


either way, pm me your email, and i will keep in touch.



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Perhaps nasty is too strong a word.... and caddy would be more approparite.


Ruthless wrote


rmt has proven facts, and taken the time to show how his evidence supports his side of the story. you have done no such thing. you have, however, insulted and ridiculed several people, including me.

From page 16 or 17 or 18...one of those three.. Point is BEFORE page 19. I lost my cool on page four but other than that I did not insult or riddicule several people... nor did I insult you ruthless which is why I felt kinda "gut punched"I think your a cool cat yourself ruthless. However when it comes to 911 I think you allowed RMT to explain away the possiblity of the event without questioning the events of the matter. In the middle of the whole twenty twelve thread I learned several new things... I went from a titor believer to a fence sitter and I learned about TV fakery. Ruthless you bring up a most intersting point about the dust and the molten steel... No conventional demoltion can do that and no pancake collapse can do that. Whatever did that was UNconvetional. But we can only speculate about that? Thier were no survayours inspecting column and beam damage on 911. Those that profess to "KNOW" how things where damaged on the inside are guessing. So what are we left with as RAW hard evidence? The news footage. Interestingly enough when you ask for the footage of the day from the networks you will be given limited censored materal or outright denied. Fortunitly many americans pressed record on that day. This is not a secert that can be kept long term. It can only be mitigated through the short term. The september clues videos were the most eye opening videos I ever watched. The empire state building can not move with the backround in the same exact spot. The south tower plane can not have four different approach angles.. Again I will take a moment to speak to the irrational skeptics. To comfort themselves some irrational skeptics claim different camera angles make the plane *seem* like it had differnt approach angles. This is fantasy because one angle is a vertical angle. Two diagnal. one horizontal. And then thier is the infamous Nose in nose out shot.


I have said all this to address you directly ruthless.


Holographic planes is a stupid idea.... film editing is a real job and if you google the "stratigic communications labortory" you will find they are just as real... a scaled down Ad hoc version probably operated from the Soloman building... WTC7.


Is Time Travel Institute doomed? Proly not. Is it made better with RMT as a mod... well let us not count my opinion at this moment and consider two others spoke against it before I chimed in... and when I did chime in I supported it at first... but when RMT wanted to play OZ with a thread that was about him I checked the limit hopeing I was right not to worry and that RMT would be a decent Mod. Instead RMT sent me a "lovely" PM warning me to stay on topic and not pick fights.... I would just as soon avoid him so as to avoid conflict... If you read that whole 2012 thread you will find I extended the hand of friendship to RMT somewhere between page 4 and 7..... instead I got spit in the eye, Figurativly speaking. When he made his legal threats Upping the ante to an offline conflict I called his hand. And as I told Just lurking in PM. I would prefer to let the sleeping dog lie.


And yet here RMT is, on my thread.... I think he is goading me.. but I may be misunderstanding. Either way I don't care to address him directly. I don't like him. I got lectured by friends about stealing time on the clock and how I would be wrong for not alerting his boss, but I did not call because maybe he has a family to support??? I don't know (more correctly I had not checked out his website at the time). Just because I am willing to take drastic measures does not mean I do so impusively. Nor do I toss out insults with frivolus abbandon. I don't make threats either. My word is bond as best as I can keep it. In light of RMTs first moderator actions I think he will do a diservice to this site. A mod should act as little as possible ecourageing freespeech and only acting to protect members.. I thought Mop did a great job of this by deleting the northrup grumman phone number(Even if the number was public infor I copied and pasted from thier website) It wasn't a big risk but perhaps it may of been an out of bounds thingee... Mops decision and I respect MOP as an Administrator.... even if he believes I would be a lousy Mod... [its ok I like ya still Mop]


IS time travel institute doomed? Maybe.. I hope not. I dont think so. HOWEVER something else "Ponder Yoda Does" Is my time here limited. Well as one jerk already told me, Yes it is. I wont name names... I will say RMT did NOT say it. But I have already been told that I am appreciated for getting TTI a second mod and that I will be on my way out shortly.


To civily agree to disagree is to make a friend. To refuse to agree about a disagreement is to smite an enemy.



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