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Untitled Movie Project -Revelations- Movie Ptich


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I have been working this script for a long time...


Title: Untitled - CodeName Revelations




Set in the midwest


An airline pilot moves to a midwest community to raise horses...


In the neighborhood are:


o Rancher who raises cows


o An Ex-Army Ranger


o A farmer leader of a local Militia gun club


o Various female lead and supporting cast members of all american mid-west types


Nearby is an suspected Military facility surrounded by Folk Lore


o Scouting Locations


- Roswell, NM


- Badlands, ND


- Dulce, NM


Intrigue ensues...


o Several towns people and particularly members of the Militia gun club




o There are several mutilations...


o Neighbors slowly begin to meet up, discuss whats happening in the area...


o Black Helicopters appear sporadically in the movie... and intensify with the mutilations...


o Realize the U.S. Government may be behind it...


o Suspect people in town my be "intel" or "pentagon" type people using the local businesses as cover operations...


Climax Toward Ending


o They begin to investigate the supposed base and towns people


o They have skirmishes with "special forces" type individuals and assassins...




o They have to decide to either stay and fight or


o Take on the mysterious military base


Needs more scripting and storyboarding...


Sounds interesting... An updated "Close Encounters" and/or "Independence Day" type sci-fi gov't conspiracy story... But the photography and acting should make it more "Mid-Western" cowboy and gritty... Or all American midwest Grand Canyon style visuals... Also refer to "Dances With Wolves" open range scenery.


Scarey "campfire" atmosphere in the night or evening shots...


Alot like a "western"... :)


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.


That "Mr. McMonagle" guy is going to take over Hollywood :) We can't wait!!! :)





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