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Dreams that happen


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Post on Deja vu or rather having dream come true much like a premonition.


Months a go I worked at a fortune one hundred company and never though of leaving. One night i had a dream where I was in another office, newer, with blue chairs, french doors and a women dark hair and a orange sweater that i had never seen before. She said "it will go bad" and i woke up in cold sweat.


Later I would leave and move to another firm, i immediately recognized the location and later met the development coordinator from my dream. Just last week we had an office meeting catered and she stood in hall way talking to me and Steve who was in his office out of view and said "take some of the leftovers home with you or it will go bad". I ran into my office and called my associate telling him i had to leave i just had a premonition Steve looked at me oddly as I walked with my brief. Just out side of his office the office girl stopped me and said your paper work can't go through. A huge error and a wrench in the system.


I still leaved thinking something else could go wrong but Steve and Jason my associate were very weirded out by it that i was able to predict it.


My question is can one travel into time mentally? If so is this a natural way to prevent disaster in ones life? I have hear people say that they saw it coming; and I have had this happen many times where I have been right and others where it didn't go like my dream. Does that mean i changed my future?


Last question they say you can not die in your dreams that you are in a third person form when you do meaning you are alive just seeing someone that looks like you. What if in your dream you are not in third person but actually being killed?


Some of these are not time travel questions, but rather seeing the future still along the same lines. I ask this because I have been having disturbingly realistic dreams recently that have been coming true.



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