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"The Cutting Room" - Restaurant Club Review :)


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\"The Cutting Room\" - Restaurant Club Review :)


We are sending "operatives" out into the field and one of the "psychic" impressions that had to be investigated was the "The Cutting Room" of NYC fame.


We had an "amazing time" there... Learned so much :)


First off, we had heard that the "The Cutting Room" was a local type hotspot bar...




o Pool Tables


o Food


o Various NYC type people - various backgrounds and lifestyles


However, this was not the case. Maybe they own multiple bars. Maybe the updated the "atmosphere"


But we found...


o Bar


o A Hidden Cabaret In The Backroom


- No "coherent" postings for acts, prices, cover, admission seen


- We wonder if they have a "cabaret" license?


- Didn't see one posted


o Seemed like a "vieled" tourist trap


o Get you there on reputation of Actor


o You have drinks...


o End up spending tons of money in the "Cabaret" Showroom




o The staff was "fascinating" to say the least...


o One Bartender made up prices for drinks... Different prices for the same drink... Lol.. :)


o One Bartender of "European-ish" background - We doubt the person is here legally


o One Bartender who spontaneously broke into dance for a few seconds and stops


- Suspected "strange" behavior


- Suspected "mind control / hypnosis" effects of bartender by Illumanti for Ha Ha's


- When asked if dancer, wouldn't elaborate?




o The crowd "in the bar" was equally "entertaining"... :)


o Seemed to be 1 or 2 or 3 "Girlfriend" monitors of the owners who sat and "watched" the place


o The place seemed be occupied by 2 "competition" busters or secret employees of the bar?


- People who give hard to clients so they don't come back to support the establishment


- 2 Operatives/Grifters/Spies?


- We call them "Fric/Frac"


- Harassed Customers


- Fric pretended to talk to Frac - Pretended to show Frac something on cell phone - Was most likely taking a "cell phone" picture of "patron" - "patron" saw camera on back on phone and Fric aiming cell phone camera at him - Most likely took picture for nefarious purposes


- What are you doing with the PICTURE MR. FRIC? THE CUTTING ROOM? ACTOR OF L&O? NBC? GE?


- Followed them in and out of the bar - everytime - took friends with them


- Tried to embrass them on the street in front of others - Pointing out "mistakes"


- Tried to obtain "Social Programming" Identifiers to find out information about customers


- Example: Wanted to know if you were a "Sex and the City" or "Law&Order" fan


- If "Sex and the City" you were to be labelled as "gay"


- If "Law&Order" you were to be labelled as "straight"


- SOCIAL PROGRAMMING NOTE: Regarding "Sex and The City"


Actor who reportedly owns the place was known as "Mr. Big"


Interesting because supposedly gay men are to be only interested in "proportions"


- Ridiculous "social cue/programming" mind control


- Is Actor and His Career and Establishment some sort of Intelligence/Illuminati Operation?




o It is a deceptive place


- Opens without Security or Bouncers


- Changes to Security and Bouncers after 10:00pm


- We would not recommend any place in NYC w/ ropes, bouncers or security people - Possible Crime Enterprise - Illuminati Operation :)




o Operative drink "soda" all night


o Asked permission of staff if he could take "soda" from inside the establishment to the outside "designation" smoking area probably within "cafe" limits of restaurants.


o Bouncer on duty confronts "patron" when coming for the first time. verbal confronts. physically prevents "patron" from leaving. verbally confirms "patron" can't leave bar.




o You can't prevent someone from leaving a bar/restaurant/establishment - FALSE IMPRISONMENT




o Lawyers maybe drafting "lawsuits" as we speak :)




o So after the incident, the "patron" goes to actor's other partner and complains about being "conforted" by a female bouncer. No kidding they had a female bouncer? :) lol


o The other partner watched the "patron" order sodas, drink and smoke with soda outside, was actually outside in the "cafe" type zone multiple times


o Said she probably didn't know it was a "soda"...


o "patron" obtained permission and was observed by owner for over 1 hour at least


o Not his duty to inform "female" bouncing staff... :)


- She was going to ATTACK a guy for taking a "soda" out for a smoke break


- Before you decide to ATTACK a stranger, you should know about the SELF DEFENSE BACKGROUND :)


o Finally, the owner and one of the bartenders CELEBRATE after the complaint is made by DRINKING SHOTS in front of him seconds after the INCIDENT.


WARNING TO TV/MOVIE VIEWERS: Something is very strange going on with "Sex and The City" and "Law & Order" based on our encounter at this so-called hotspot... We wouldn't recommend watching any longer or speaking / writing about those shows or the actors invovled or NETWORKS such as NBC or HBO ever again... People are profiling you somehow... Maybe Intel/Criminal/Private/Illuminati/ Operation... Who knows?


Be Warned :)





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The David Letterman Show - Identity Theft Ring?


Our "operatives" are all over... In NYC, we are finding the most interesting stuff going on... :)


We visited the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City that hosts "The David Lettermen Show"


We sensed something "odd" about the audience ticket operation in the lobby...


And guess what?


It seems some enterprise STAFFERS of THE DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW were running an apparent alleged IDENTITY THEFT OPERATION:


o Claiming to be taking applications


o Asked for driver's licenses


o Claimed Tickets were to be given out "randomly"... Contary To Policy Posted on THE DOOR OF THE ED SULLIVAN THEATRE


o When our "operative" realized what was apparently allegedly going on he took the app back and ripped up application


o STAFFERS demanded application back


o STAFFERS told him he couldn't leave unless he gave back "ripped" application


o "Operative" asked for verbal confirmation that they wanted application back and he couldn't leave unless he gave the application to them - STAFFERS CONFIRMED!


o STAFFERS stated "Sorry, it had to be this way"


o STAFFER mentioned the movie character "McLovin" (It wasn't a bad movie actually :)


o STAFFERS apparently allegedly committed FALSE IMPRISONMENT inside THE ED SULLIVAN THEATRE


o STAFFERS apparently allegedly committed INVASION OF PRIVACY by asking for DRIVERS LICENSE


o STAFFERS apparently allegedly committed A FEW OTHER CRIMES AS WELL




Its whole new ballgame out there folks!





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