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The Rock - WWF/WWE - Mind Control Series


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This one has bothered us for a LONG TIME...


We basically like Duane Johnson, the actor and comedian, but we don't like his WWF/WWE catch phrase...


"Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking..." he used to say when he came out to the ring...


We believe it to be "veiled" reference to rock-based crack cocaine....


And now Disney has him in the movie "The Game Plan"....


Is the alleged Illuminati message now get enhanced or expanded as these pys-ops go...


Take the original message everyone thinks of with "The Rock" when he is mentioned...


"Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking..."


The add the movie "The Game Plan"


You could come up with the following:


"The game plan is to have your kids smoke crack cocaine..."


This might be a stretch... But logical minds can come up with this conclusion or observation.


We think Mr. Johnson has to lose his association with the label/trademark/copyright "The Rock"


Because of the WWE/WWF catch phrase that was probably scripted for him... But its a free country and up to him to decide if he is harming the minds of the youth (and maybe adults) of this country.


And then there was "The Rock"'s involvement with Bush/Cheney/Republican convention....






Slamming 'The Rock'


The evening's festivities were opened by House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois in a somber fashion, as he urged prayers and good wishes for former President Gerald Ford, who was admitted to the hospital earlier in the day after suffering what doctors believed were two small strokes.


Wrestler "The Rock" drew mixed reviews from Republicans at the GOP National Convention


Ford had been present on the convention's previous night, when he and former presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush were honored with the presentation of video montages and enthusiastic ovations from the party faithful.


But minutes later, Hastert, a former high school wrestling coach, reappeared onstage in response to a slick re-introduction by World Wrestling Federation star "The Rock," also known as Dwayne Johnson.


Johnson didn't waste his prime opportunity to promote the sports-entertainment amalgam that has brought him notoriety, saying his presence Wednesday was certain to gain the notice of the "14 million eligible voters who watch 'The Rock' every week."


The wrestler routinely refers to himself in the third person.


"Thank you for recognizing the passion and the power of the Rock's fans, and we'll no doubt help elect the next president of the United States," he said.




So Disney, Bush, Cheney, The Republican Party all LOVE the message THE ROCK sends...


See how 'evil' these things are and how they operate?


"The Rock" or "Rocky" used to refer to some terrific boxers in the 1950's... Maybe it should again...





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