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Casting Ideas! Mike Ditka - The Next John Wayne :)


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We have been thinking we need a new hero in American Movies...


And we think we have a great canidate... Mike Ditka of the Bears Coaching Fame..


Has presence and reputation as a no nonsense get it done leader who can probably kick some serious butt! :)


We see him as a:


o A tough cop in Chicago!


- Maybe a Lead Detective


o An FBI Agent!


- Tracking down 'evil' scumbags, terrorists or super criminals! :)


o Maybe a Sheriff, Civil War Era Soldier or Gunfighter in a western


- Might need some mininal dialogue via Clint Eastwood! :)


o A tough commander of an Army or Special Forces Unit!


- Many similiar script ideas could be done here..


- Endless vehicles available


We could go on and on.... :)


The guy's a natural for the movies...





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