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Fantastic Four - Marvel - Religious Symbolism?


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We thought this analysis/observation would fit under the "God Channeling" thread but then we'd have to prove the existance of GOD.


But its really interesting...


Let's look at Marvel's Fantastic Four super hero superhuman team.


o Mr. Fantastic - Able to strech endless in any manageable shape


o The Thing - A living rock type being of super human strength


o The Torch - A person alive with fire, who can fly and project flames


o Invisible Girl/Woman - Able to turn herself invisible and project force fields


And then look at the 4 stations of the Cross... Or how Catholics bless themselves..


head to chest to should to shoulder...


Mr. Fantastic - Represents GOD's forgiveness and flexibility


The Thing - Represent Peter and rock of faith in GOD - Original concept for GOD's church


The Human Torch - Could represent the Light of GOD or Wrath of GOD or other concepts


The Invisible Woman - The Holy Ghost - The Virgin Mary - Invisible forces that protect the faithful...


We hear there are all these new superhuman, superman concepts representing faith in GOD.


Very interesting.... :)


But of course we have to credit the source:


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.


It justs gets more and more amazing... :)





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It's interesting that at a limitation point in the expansion of PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED human knowledge, before it expands again, usually from some previously unrecognised corner,the tenets of that knowledge are elaborated to the point of ridiculousness, e.g. the pointless research into ever more evanescent sub atomic particles and the instruments of that knowledge are made more elaborate, e.g. the fanciful display of expensive consumer electronics and even watches, like the Omega, with it's pumped up price. Also, diamonds aren't worth spit. They lay all over the ground in the producing areas. They are warehoused and dribbled out to keep the price up, and you'd better not be an independent finder or seller,or you're toast. The cartel is all.



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