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NYC Taxi Cab - Global Positioning? Illegal?


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I've been reading about the GPS tracking of NYC city cabs...


I can't wait to get in one... So I can sue the city!!! :)


I'm also reading that the U.S. Government can't deploy DOMESTIC SPY Satellites because it's illegal and unconstitional?


But we can track people in NYC cabs? Mmmmm


But then again... It violates FEDERAL LAWS.


City and State governments aren't allowed to SPY on people.


All sorts of legal strategies come to mind...


o Unconstitional


o Violates Unauthorized Surveillance Laws


o Invasion of Privacy


o False Imprisonment (Since your stuck in a cab tracking your movements)


o Stalking Perhaps?


o Abuse of Police Powers...


o Etc..


o Etc...


Hey Cabbie! :)





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