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The Soprano's - What's The Deal? No Irish People


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The Soprano's - What's The Deal? No Irish People


You know I've been thinking about the Soprano's since the series ended...


I am trying to recall all the Irish people in the show?...


I remember they had one character who was corrupt drunken cop... But not many others?


Where are all the other cops and federal agents? The FBI was the Gambino Crime family in that show? All Italian?...


Where are the Irish and Italian guys fighting like in New York City area?


Where are the Italian guys stealing all the Irish guys girlfriends?


What about the stories of wife beating, abuse and how they brag they don't care about them? (The Italians about their Irish wives)...


What about the poor Irish 'girls' who think they can change them with their 'love'... Really pathetic actually...


Where the Irish/Italian and Italian/Irish inter-mixed couples that are so prevelant in the NYC area these days...


Where are the Irish guys who sit and watch for years and years... To see what they are up to?


There couldn't be a 'conspiracy' by the Italians to wipe out the Irish in America?


Nah! That's sounds totally crazy... But then again we have...


The Soprano's! Kind of movie documentary evidence... :)


I hear stories about a secret Irish Mafia... But it must like the 'little people' with the pots of gold... A crazy story... :)


I think David Chase and HBO have some explaining to do!!!


You Gotta Love New Yawk! Ya'll





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