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Identifying Infinite Worldlines


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Multiple person paradox


Imagine, if you will, that you were asleep in your bed in your room all day, and outside your room exists a time machine. It is nighttime and you exit your room and enter the time machine and warp yourself an hour back into time. You enter your room and find yourself asleep in your bed. You awaken yourself and complement each other and both of you exit your room and enter the time machine. You both warp into noon and enter your room. You both see yourself asleep and awaken yourself. After the drama, all three of you exit your room and enter the time machine, and warp to the morning. You awaken yourself and find yourself greeted by 3 other you's. All of you's exist and are the same but completely different. Look at the diagram:


Worldline 1****you-1****/ warp************/ non existent************/ non existent


Worldline 2****you-2****/ you-1 you-2******/ warp*******************/ non existent


Worldline 3****you-3****/ you-3***********/ you-1 you-2 you-3*******/ warp


Worldline 4****you-4****/ you-4***********/ you-4*****************/ you-1 you-2 you-3 you-4


Worldline 5****you-5****/ no change*******/no change**************/ no change


Worldline 1 no existence


Worldline 2 no existence


Worldline 3 no existence


Worldline 4 you-1 you-2 you-3 you-4


Worldline 5 no change


As you can see using the time machine four of you's exist in one worldline while 3 other worldlines do not have your existence. The new worldine with your new existence will consist of four you's that are different and the same. Identifying this process and repeating it infinite times exams infinite worldlines such as that if you repeated yourself four times a day for a year 1460 of you will exist. Now if you became very efficient in the process and repeated yourself every second for a year 31,556,928 of you's would exist and so on.


Now consider the following: imagine the same scenario, but you have a roommate. You wake up and walk out the room but this time before you enter the time machine you walk to a corner store and get run over by a bus and die. Your roommate finds you dead and returns to the time machine. He warps himself two hours back into time and finds you asleep. He repeats the process to exist 2 of you's, mention above, without awaken you's. He separates you both and places one of you exactly where you were and the other he locks in the restroom. You awaken exit your room, walk to the corner store get run over by a bus and die. Your roommate unlocks the restroom ands leads you to your other dead you. Your roomate has changed your destiny in one worldline and not the other.



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