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Corporate Grifters? Do They Exist?


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'McMonagle' has also reported on a very suspicious 'cabals'...


He was 'casually' and 'cooly' introduced and lead to 'bar' in and out of New York City.


The appeared to be regular 'happy hour' bars...


A different groups of 'corporate' employees would meet to 'hang out'...


They used to call it 'networking'...


Based on what has been reported previously and information withheld from this blog, it was one of two things:


o Corporate Espinioge - With Agents from Different Companies of Intelligence Groups/Agencies




o Corporate Grifters


As you know, 'McMonagle' studies 'Grifters' because he feels he was manipulated and mislead into revealing information about the existing state of computing, the future of computing, banking systems, imaging systems (FileNet inspired and 'McMonagle' enhanced.), graphical user interface, programming languages, abstract computer design theory and the other things 'McMonagle' imagination can dream up.


It was very subtle. A night on the town here. A happy hour there. A meet up for a drink after work. Reverse stalking of restuarants and bars there. A lunch here. A lunch there. A run for coffee here and there. A causal stop by "hello how are doing?..." or


Some corporate OFFICER saying "Hi John... What are you working on these days?"


They were always asking "What are you working on?..." or "How does that work"...


You should look into the MICROBANK company that produced the C.O.L.D. product


Which 'McMonagle' was asked for information at 1 One New York Plaza.









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So 'McMonagle' quits Barclays Bank after discovering that FILENT CORPORATION has 24 hour telephone line access to TELEX money transfer research system.


So he goes to MICROBANK to see if they have any work.


So who is there but Denise Myrcyki, one of John's classmates from Bayonne High School, a former football team CHEERLEADER.


Who apparently works for an BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING FIRM.


She was last known to be living down the Jersey Shore Area or Southern New Jersey.


'McMonagle' has had problems with her HUSBAND Gerald in the Norwood Inn in Avon and at the 10 High School Reunion. He said "Joe Murphy told me all about you..."


Joe Murphy, of the famouse Murphy Family who on the oil distrubution company, the who is inspiration for the following 'McMonagle' saying:


"Every family (irish) in Bayonne thinks they are The Kennedys..."


All the daughters supposed married NON-IRISH dark skinned men: Indian and Latin.


Was Denise Mycryki, AN ILLUMINATI ASSASSIN, at MICROBANK that day to PREVENT MICROBaNK from giving 'McMonagle' a JOB.


We think so...


But we are not sure...




Note: 'McMonagle' tried to date after quiting the football team. She was interested when he was on the team. Not interested after he quit them. She cried on the phone when he asked out after quiting the team. He believes she was threatened.


She also showed on and off for the Bayonne Ferry commute to New York City. And wasn't exactly too friendly. Maybe to watch the "John and Nora" Luke and Laura Illuminati Soap Opera.







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