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Whats up with the new World Trade Center?


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'McMonagle' has been watching the development of the new World Trade Center?...


Nothing is going up towards the sky?


What's the deal?


You Silverstein and whoever are NOT REALLY SERIOUS about developing the Financial Center Site (Could be just office buildings...).


Sounds like they have "Pile Driver" noise makers to make people think are going to build something.


It remind us of the "Remo Williams : The Adventure Begins"...


A inspired person becomes a zen like kung fu inspired "Super Hero..."


You should watch that movie.. But be careful how you get it... (Be Warned)


And his first big assignments are around Construction Sites... :)


Great Movie...


But anyway... Have you seen 'McMonagle' New WTC Designs on CNN.Com...


Well they used to be there... I don't know if there still but I'm sure someone out there has a copy....


The English Architect Designs of the new WTC - Maybe a Japanese architect thrown in...


What are these "English" people doing designing an American "World Trade Center Site"???


They always seem to be reminscint of 'McMonagle's 2 designs post on CNN.com ... Very Strange.


I think he might be a 'little upset'.


Oh Well...





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