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What's up with NY State Smoking Ads?


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What's up with NY State Smoking Ads?


Anyone see the creepy N.Y. State Smoking Ads?


What if you live in New Jersey and Conn.?


And smoke?


Is New State harrassing you via Federal FCC Airwaves?


OH YES. I think SO.


Any lawyers out there who want to fight the cause of smoking?


Did you see those TRAUMATIC images of ex-smokers, diseased lungs, or creepy pedophile promoting smoke coming out there mouths babies?




Who in New York State doesn't like Smoking that much? We know about Mr. Bloomberg?


(You know his "girlfriend" looks alot like Ms Fleming (The Senior) or Fran Fleming (All Grown Up))


Does Mr. Pataki or "Joe Bruno" the Italian Leader of the New York State Assembly not like SMOKERS?


You know 'McMonagle' is a smoker? Strange Coincidence.


You Lawyers Need To Defend THE PEOPLE :) ,





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