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Bruce Springstein - The Boss - Mind Control


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With all our 'Illuminati' Theories... We can't help but notice Bruce Springstein known as "The Boss" in New Jersey....


It could obvious be MIND CONTROL projecting that JEWS are 'the boss'...


Anyone could figure out that one... :)


But it goes further... Some have a 'Rat Pack' Theory... It was a 'diguised' warning for the future...




Frank Sinatra - Supposedly Tied Up with the 5 Families Mafia.


Dean Martin - Supposedly the 'Family' Style Italian Guy. Implying 'almost all italian families are tied to the 'mafia'


Joey Bishop - The Jewish People


Sammy Davis - Entertainment African Americans who promote the latest 'cool thing' for Americans.


Peter Lawford - The English


But unfortunately, it didn't include a 'German' or a 'Australian'... :) But I'm sure you'll find one or two of them in their 'extended social crowd'...


Maybe Marilyn - Represented the German Nazi's


You should look at each 'Back Street' Band to see who they represent...


The People Are The Boss,





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Bruce Springstein Gets 'McMonagle's Babysitter.


In a strange meeting and conversation with a female in the Exchange Inn Bar in Jersey City, N.J in the 90s.


A woman reveals to 'McMonagle' that his former babysitter Collette, from the First Street Project that produced the Parks and The Redlings, that she IS/WAS THE HOUSE SITTER for BRUCE SPRINGSTEIN.


Bruce Springsteen Girlfiend: Patty Scialfa is ITALIAN.


Looks like the "E Street Band" are THE NEW POSTER BOYS for THE MODERN DAY RAT PACK.


Lots of Italians and Jews.


What a Small World!,





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