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Mr. Fleming - Father To The Flemings - Traveller?


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We have a new theory that "Mr. Fleming" was an Irish Traveller cult criminal conspirator...


But its just theory... He may be just a 'house painter' who happens to meet the executives of the 'NYSE Stock Exchange'.


He didn't appear to have a 'real job'


But 'owned' a TWO FAMILY HOME we think.


And the Casey 'cousins' lived and owned an Apartment Building across the street.


And the mother worked for the 'Bayonne Board of Education' for awhile.


He may have been a 'drinker' who had his refrigerator FILLED WITH BEER in the house.


Drinking with all those FEMALES in the house.


Not such a 'good idea' MR. FLEMING.


We think he sent to IRELAND to seduce 'Mrs. Fleming' or Both him and Mrs. Fleming are 'Irish Travellers'...


And they girls may not 'really be sisters' but the 'best' or 'most attractive' looking children of 'other irish travellers' families...


For 'McMonagle' or some other target.


Some Family.





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