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If you believe anyone to be STALKING or HARASSING YOU..


Send a "Cease&Desist" Letter, You can find forms in a library or the internet.


You have to have a "second party" delivery the letter and/or desist order. Someone who will testify that it was 'delivered' or use registered U.S. Mail or both to be safe.


Be aware of different stalking methods described here on this blog:




o Following - The obvious but least used. If you feel you are being followed or pushed. Stop and Change Direction.


o Establishment - Take notice of those you see over and over again when you go out.


o Reverse - Can be anywhere - on the street - on a bus stop - on a train station - bar - restuarant - food store - coffe shop


o Commute - Be suspicious of people you commute with directly or indirectly. Try to find out 'who they are' or 'where they work'


o Casual - these are many - the walk bys - the dog walkers - the bicycle ride by - the pop-out or pop-in neighbor - etc - use your imagination.


You can avoid some 'dangerous' situations this way,





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Here are some tips for in the city:


o Do Not Stand Near a SUBWAY PLATFORM EDGE - Any nut can push on the tracks


o Feel Someone Behind You 'Pushing' physically or 'mentally' -


Stop. Move To The Side. Let Them Pass. Move To Other Side of the Street


o Turn around 'randomly' look behind you.


o Scan The Crowd in front of you


o Develop a 'Spidey' Sense for danger.


o Don't give out 'information' about yourself or where you are going or staying to 'strangers' or in public.


o Don't trust 'people' who ask for cigarettes, information, directions, the time, etc...


o Carrying a pen or umbrella might not be a 'bad idea'.


o Mace if it is legal in the state you are 'visiting'


o Tasers or 'stun devices' aren't bad


o Don't go to clubs with 'ropes and bouncers' illegal crime operations usually.


o Don't go to bars with 'downstairs' basements or 'entertainment' or 'vip' zones.


o Don't give information to hotel, bar, restaurant staff - See Movie 'Casino'


o Don't talk on street with 'cellphone' at all or not loudly if or not public if possible.





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In a new series of attacks...


Women are getting raped by fake cab drivers and other types....


Hunt on for Lower E. Side club rapist










Wednesday, October 31st 2007, 11:54 AM




Print Email Suggest a Story


The graffiti-covered door is actually the entrance to The Box - one of the city's hottest nightclubs.




A police sketch of the attacker.


Two young women have been abducted just steps from an ultra-exclusive Manhattan nightspot by a man who raped and robbed them after taking them on hellish car rides, police said Tuesday.


Cops said the attacks occurred in the last month and were carried out by the same man - once posing as a livery driver - in front of The Box, a trendy lower East Side cabaret that routinely attracts Hollywood A-listers such as Jude Law, Demi Moore and Rene Zellweger.


The first attack happened about 3 a.m. on Sept. 30, when a 25-year-old woman was ambushed as she stepped outside the Chrystie St. club to make a phone call. The man grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her into a white SUV, police sources said.


Once inside the SUV, he forced her to drink a GHB "date rape" cocktail and then drove her to Queens, sources said.


After sexually assaulting her in the SUV, he drove the woman to a Chase bank and forced her to withdraw $500, cops said. She fled when he tried to usher her back into the SUV, sources said.


Cops said he struck again around 3 a.m. Saturday when he used a black sedan to pick up a 23-year-old woman who was drunk and had called a car service before leaving the Box.


She hopped in the car with the man - who police said could have been a livery driver or posing as one - thinking he was her ride.


The woman told police he drove her to Red Hook, Brooklyn, parked in an alley and sexually assaulted her before stealing her ATM card and shaking her down for her PIN number.


He then dropped her off in Manhattan, police said.


Police last night were handing out sketches of the subject and a grainy surveillance photo taken of him at a Chase bank in the first attack.


Area residents said they would be on the lookout.




You should take our warnings and advise very seriously...







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Illuminati Bars? Bars with Basement Bathrooms.


We had one of our 'pyschic' look for 'dangerous' 'illuminati' type bars, clubs and restuarants...


He was drawn to restuarants and entertainment bars with a 'strange architecture'


We didn't notice at first.


Because they all had different style 'decor' and looks.


But he told us...


Haven't you noticed the bathrooms?!!!




They all had STRANGE DOORS and ROOMS or SECOND BARS and PRIVATE VIP AREA in the basement floor!!!


o We hear many many of these BARS and RESTUARANTS and CLUBS in NYC and elsewhere are like this!!!


We suspect when 'some' people go to the bathroom....


They are 'never' seen again... Or 'terrible horrifying things' are done to them downstairs...


We can't confirm this... But we suspect 'something' very 'odd' about the following places...


o The Hawaiian Tropic Zone


- Basement Bathrooms


- Private VIP Area


o The Tribeca Grill in Soho


- Basement Bathrooms


- Strange 'office' and 'mysterious' doors


o The Devin in Soho (Apparently 'owned' and 'managed' by an Italian. Irish bar 'owned' by an Italian.)


- Basement Bathrooms


- Strange Doors 'leading' somewhere


- Second Bar


- VIP Area


And since alot of investigation lead back to Bayonne, N.J. - The former Army Navy Base


We have mentioned "The Rock" in the Bergen Point Section


Named as an "Irish" bar... With Shamrock on the front.


- Basement Bathrooms


- Strange 'Doors' and 'Rooms'


And we have stopped 2 different 'Italian MOB' and 'Corrupt Machine' assault/alleged murder plots


in the bar targeting an 'irish' person.


If you know of more, spread the word of caution.





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