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If Jesus Was a Magician? Poll


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Some have a theory that the whole Jesus 'Miracle' thing was a mistake by him.


Some think he took the wrong approach and would be considered a 'magician' in this day.


So who do think would be Jesus like of the Magicians?


Jesus As A Magician? :)


Chris Angel


David Blane


David Copperfield


That Chris Angel seems 'Super' Human... Not really a 'magician'...


And he hangs with Uri Geller? The 'Israeli' Chris Angel?!!!


And that Chris Angel looks 'Italian' to me...


He does some 'amazing' tricks with cell phones... Maybe he has 'satellite' support... :)


And that David Blane has 'Super' Human Endurance....


But David Copperfield is the only 'illusionist magician' around? Isn't he Jewish?


I wonder if you 'drew' a beard and mustache and long hair...


Would he look like 'Jesus'?


I think 'Jesus' was more 43 than 33 as told in the bible... :)


Something to 'think' aboout before you vote...





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