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DATING AND RELATION ADVICE: If you want it... :)


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We and others in the 'relationship business' think KISSING has disappeared from DATING or SEX.






Remember the kiss from "Here To Eternity"?... The actress has just passed away. Our condolences to her family.


That's what women or feminine gay male types like in dating and relationships.


In fact, straight people used to love kiss.


We suspect it was UNKNOWN PSYCHOLOGY THING and MAYBE A 'SOUL' IDENTIFYING way of finding 'someone' to pursue further in a relationship.


Even Jenny McCarthy has a theory on this talked about on the Carson Daly show...


Married People "don't kiss anymore..."


If you ask happily married 25-50 plus couples, I'll be they will you that they "still kiss and hold hands..."...


PLESAE NOTE: Don't 'force' any kissing... Just let it happen naturally...


And you should be in the 1 foot barrier of 3 foot personal space zone if you try it.


Just a thought (Before You HAVE SEX),





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