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where are you john?


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Believe is just another word like Belief. But, in the real world, that will not create an actual working device. That - That takes Science, Math, Real Work. Inspiration is one thing, but Perspiration is the other 100% of any Inspiration. The Perspiration comes from achieving a real Work Ethic.




The first (Believe) is an Emotional Response to a future preceived event from a trigger like in a story, but the Real Work is an intellectual effort where what was unknown becomes the known - in the future. It may differ, and it may change the way everything is thought of, with the limited knowledge that flows as it can from the Great Cosmos. The Great Cosmos is an Inspiration, but as shown with different instruments or tools of measuring, it becomes more and changes what is known with the Real Work Intellectual Development.




One must transform the deep inner santum of the void into something that attains enlightenment (or further working knowledge).




That is where in a figurative manner, the heads are banged against the wall and may also be banged together in the thought process of a team of members working on such a problem as "Time Travel".





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