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ABCs - ThisWeek - Review


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I have to admit that ABC's "This Week" is one of my favorite political talk shows.


Host by former Clintonesta George Stephanopoulos


It has the right combination of segments and topics to keep you interested.


However, It does suffer like the "McLaughlin Group" on NBC.


Donna Brazil is "surrounded" by right wing republicans...


And the sound of Ms. Brazil voice doesn't project well on television unfortunately.


The neo con ultra right wing George Will...


And this week my favorite Social Republican Laura Ingram...


Where do REPUBLICANS always push for HILLARY CLINTON.


You should read the TRANSCRIPTS of these shows. It's kinda of OBVIOUS.


And then some middle of the road or devils advocates chime in... for show probably. :)


Mr. Stephanopolous like "cute little guy" all the women love...


His a "pop culture icon" even making Friends... A mysterious neighbor of Racheal and Monica...


Remember Rachaels Mom's was Danny Thomas daughter Marlo Thomas... :) I hear she has quite "the mouth" on her in restaurants according to first hand reports. You think Phil Donahue would have the pants in the family on that one but I guess not. I hear she doesn't fit her "That Girl" along with Mary Tyler Moore.


I guess he must be a "ladies man" he even looks a little "italian".... :)


I guess he learned from Master DARTH CLINTON... On how to close the "deal" with the ladies...


And he seems so smug about it... :)


Hopefully, he will lose his "smugness" and deal with topics in a "serious manner" they deserve.


I'll be watching Mr. Stepho,





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