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The Bayonne "Gang Stalking' of McMonagle Continues


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The Bayonne \"Gang Stalking' of McMonagle Continues


So on 10/22/2007, Bayonne "jumps" into action apparently allegedly 'stalking' 'McMonagle' via a variety of stalking methods


o Whitney "The Firemen" passes near Parampo Bank.


o Nick "The Plumber" IaDanza with another person jogs past where 'McMonagle' gets coffee in the morning. (IaDanza makes another pass by 'McMonagle' near the coffee place apparently 'jogging'.)


o Leornard Cantor, former Bayonne PD - Convicted Criminal - City Hall "Activist", stops by the Church happens to have "casual" conversation with 'McMonagle'. Its about Cantor's City Hall "activism"


o 2 Fire Trucks make a pass


o Jenny, The Pop-Out Neighbor and Board of Ed Secretary's Husband makes an appearance or two at the library. He is a former 'Post Man' and may be a 'Three Days of the Condor' mailman.


o The Grey Bearded Health Proffessional from the Bayonne Hospital Emergency room makes a past across 'McMonagle' and the library. Apparently 'visiting' Ed Kackza's relative.


o The McCabe Employee 'Dog Walker' makes his 9-10am dog walk past 'McMonagle' as he sits on the steps after checking his mail. He always makes his pass of 'McMonagle' while he is on the porch.


What Timing!


o The individual known as "O'Brien", friend of John 'The Senior' Murray and Drinking Buddy of the Ruskowski's on 4th and Hobart, exits the hardware store.


o Patrick 'The German Mason' McMonagle makes a passes by 'McMonagle' as he walks toward the church. Apparently coming from the Elco Marina on 5th Street near the Ball Field and Oil Tanks.


o The individual known as "Mrs. Hogan" passes by 'McMonagle' on Third Street as he goes for his normal lunch time coffee


o The "Premier Metal & Marble" that is parked across the street from 'McMonagle' for years passes by. It has NY Plates and NY Business License. What it is doing in New Jersey all the time is a "mystery".


o A Barberi Construction Pickup passes by 'McMonagle' on 4th Street


o Bonnie McGrath makes her usual appearance or two as 'McMonagle' is outside in front of the 'McMonagle' house or Library


Do you think the are "stalking" him? or trying to "intimadate him"?





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Re: The Bayonne \"Gang Stalking' of McMonagle Continues


Let's see...


We will give just a taste of this morning...


Lots of participants... It's not A REAL TOWN YOU KNOW... :)


o Bayonne Fire Department - 3 Drive-By same block at 9:30AM in fire trucks on Avenue C


o Kilner 'The Three Days of The Condor Mailman" at 10:30AM - pretending to deliver mail on Avenue C


o And Mr. Stabile, 'McMonagle's former grammar school teacher who 'just happens' to be in or pop-out of stores when in the Bergen Point District at 10:45AM


o And Mr. MIKE 'The Delutitude' WALDRON at 11:00AM in front of the 'McMonagle' home.


You PEOPLE just don't get it!!! We know the TOWN IS FAKE. You are all under "surveillance"... :)







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Let's not forget BILLY CAR! GANG STALKING!


And let's not forget BILLY CARR?


How just happens to be at the "lunch time" spot 'McMonagle' visits...




If 'McMonagle' visits a place on Broadway in Bergen Point! He's There!


If 'McMonagle' visits a place on Avenue C in Bergen Point! He's There!


And guess what?!!! He hangs out with P.O. JAMES MAHONEY!!! at LUCY'S on Broadway!


And who visits the STORE on Avenue C while 'McMonagle' is there!


MIKE 'The Newark Cop' SHERMINAK who is young JOHN 'The Broken Arm' MURRAY childhood friend.


Who sits in his car while 'McMonagle' passes... He must have been reading the paper or something in his car!


Shame Billy! Shame!


To Stalk a childhood friend, a neighbor to his grandma, for a job?





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Send in the \"Italians\" Gang Stalking of 'McMonagle


In addition to usaul cast of "characters" stalking 'McMonagle' for 'unknown' reasons...


We have...


PAUL 'The Cueball' CANCRO


A "friend" and hanging out of-er at MICHAEL'S BAR in Bayonne with MARK 'The Girl' CAPPASELLO, EDOARDO "Eddie - Junior - The Chase of Juniors' FERRANTE, BILLY 'The Punk' DeROSA, Frank 'The Penny Stocker Broker' LAST NAME WITHHELD, FRANK 'The Chick Beater' FERRANTE and FIRST NAME WITHHELD CASTALDO.


He runs into late at night at a "conveince store"...


He shows up "early in the morning..."


Late at night he must be "Hanging Out At Kuhl's Tavern" with BOBBY 'The Caddy' STACK and EDOARDO FERRANTE and KEVIN 'Not So' KUHL.


PAUL CANCRO father was one of the "Italian Teachers and Adminstrators" from BAYONNE HIGH SCHOOL.


So strange.




And by "coincidence" so JAMES 'Jimmy The Hog' DAVIS along with a BUNCH OF OTHER CO-WINNERS.


And so JOE 'Joey Carlito's Way' JASOVSKY but he was only a "mega millions" 5 number winner!


You don't think that the NJ STATE LOTTERY IS FIXED???!!!









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The Bayonne \"Gang Stalking' of McMonagle - Update


Ok... We are going to "break it down" to "Zones" for you...




Michael Waldron.. Who magically appears at 9:00am, 10:00pm 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 4:00pm near McMonagle and the McMonagle home. He is "very punctual.."


James Mahoney... On his "horse"... His "Hired Guns, M.C." club motorcycle...


James Mahoney... On Broadway in his "Magnum Force" Motorcycle for the BPD...


(We think he has an "obsession or problem.)


Mike Tara... Strange Baseball cap individual with leather jacket and jeans - Straight from "central casting" for a "mob movie."


Mike Sari RETURNS! Using his 4th Street "street access tunnel" Story Court.


(Both Mr. Sari and Mr. Mahoney have made recent frequent visits in the last few days..)


Patrick and Peter McMonagle in BAYONNE FIRE DEPARTMENT UNIFORMS... Slandering "McMonagle" saying "The U.S. Postal Service is coming to 'get you'..." We think those guys are a little "crazy"...


Bonnie McGrath... Quiet lately... But we are sure she will return with "the evil Cathy Cotter" and "the evil Gill Girl"


The DOG WALKER... Who comes from Story Court... Always when McMonagle is on the street with his "pit bull" like dog. He has "a problem". A "pit bull" like dog is a "LETHAL WEAPON".




Nula O'Keefe... But not lately...


Mrs. Hartnett... On broadway "always shopping" or "riding the bus" near McMonagle.


Paul Hartnett Jr.... Near the 21st Conveince Store.


John Pirozzi... Near the 21st Convience Store.


Diane Ash... Near the 21st Convience Store


Harry Ash... Near the 21st Conveince Store.


Ralph Pellicio... Near the 21st Conveince Store.


Mark Supple... Always "walks in" somehow from the Avenue A at the Grand Hotel


Timmy Lynch... With or without Mark Supple. And "pops out" into the hallway when McMonagle arrives..


John Carney... Always patrolling the block "when McMonagle" is around...


Paul Hartnett, Sr.... Near the 21st Conveince Store and Garden State News...


Gary The Cripple... Always near Garden State News...


Carol Lebright... Makes "an appearance" at Pride's Bakery although "not in Bayonne" anymore


Greg The Haircutter from Showcase Always walks by when McMonagle is near 19th Street. ALWAYS. SOMETIMES 3 TIMES A DAY.


Various Bayonne Housing Project Residents... At the 21st Conveince Store...


One "Scottish Role Player"... Telling "irish wake" stories (fake stories) in the 21st Convience Store to a "Scottish and Italian" clerk. Between the hours of 9:00pm and 10:00pm


We could go on and on...









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The Bayonne \"Gang Stalking' of McMonagle Continues




The "Gang Stalking" of McMonagle by the "Evil Bayonne Residents..." goes on...


o Bobby "The Bodygaurd" Stack - Friend of David "Gordon Geecko" Parks - Still in touch with "Davey..."


o John "The Private Detective" Carney - Still patrols the "22st Street Area..."


o Dave The Cripple - Still patrols Bayonne's Broadway and Convience Stores


o Occansionally we still see John "The Three Days of The Condor" Mailman


o Marty "The Car Thief" McNerny still patrols 2nd Street, Story Court and 4th Street


o Paulie "The Fake Friend" Hartnett still comes to the Avenue E and 21 Avenue...


o John "The Tough Guy" Pizorri visits "The Clerks" Set...


o Howie "The Tunamaker" / "The Gun Dealer" Simmons visits "The Clerks" Set...


o Diane Ash visits "The Clerks" Set...


o Nula "The Hula" O'Keefe visits the "Nagel Park"" and "The Clerks" set area...


o Irene "The Goth Witch Mob Capo CIA Killer Broker Babe" Cappasello still stalks McMonagle on Broadway...


o Micheal "The Deluded Movie Star" Waldron never stops it seems no matter what "legal action" is taken still visiting Bonnie "The Nut" McGrath's illegal day care center operation.


o Ken "The Evil Arch Angel"


o Mark "Crazy Hat Face" Supple a.k.a Mark "Unit 5B" Noblis


o Timmy "The Evil Elf" Lynch


o Gary "The Weirdo"


o The German Prison Camp Gaurd Dog Patrol of Story Court seems to have "stopped..." or "disappeared..."


o Tom "Tommy The 2 Face" Cotter - Showing up on 4th Street


o Cathy "Get Him Robby!!..." Cotter at various locations...


These people "never give up" and are pathologically "deranged..." and a threat to McMonagle.





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