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The Bayonne Italian MOB Structure - Theory


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We have been analyzing the "Bayonne Italian MOB Structure" and have come up with the following theory:


It is a just theory.


(All parties and individuals ARE INNOCENT until proven guilty under the laws and protections of the United States of America.)




Capaselo - Former owner of Michael's Bar (Uptown). Closed for underage drinking sales. Closed for related cocaine sales / use by sons / employees. Suspected of running Numbers operation in Staten Island out of bar by sons and others. Suspected of 'Breaking Out' women and young women (out of society and humanity) in the restaurant after closing and in the kitchen under the supervision of son Michael.




o Vinni Bottino - Bar Owner


o Anthony Terrcanio - Corporate CEO and Board Members of Many Corporations


o Joe Taglarini - Print Shop Owner and Bayonne "Activist"


o Vincint LoRe - Bayonne City Council Member


o Joseph Doria - Former Mayor and State Assemblyman


o Neil DeSena - Former City Council Person and "Some kind of business person"


o Domenico - Former owner of Domenico Bus Lines


o San Vito - Owner of San Vito's Pizzeria


o Tony "The Barber" - Hair cutter located at 2nd Street and Avenue C. Laison to Anthony Terrcanio.


o B&B Best Foods - Owner of B&B Best Foods - Relocated to Newark Area


o Piacente - Former "Business Manager" of PenGad Printing


o Aiello - Owners of Pompeii Pizza


o Tonys Pizzeria - Former Owners Tony Pizzeria


o Barberi Const. - Barberi Owner of Barberi Construction


o Nardini - Nardini Owner of Nardini Electric


o Anthony DeAngelo - BTA union representative


o Jehli - Branch Operations Manager of Parampo Bank


o Italians Members - Long Shoremen Association


o Italian P.O. - Italian descent Police Officers in Bayonne


o Non-Italian - Non-Italian collabrators and employees and extorted Bayonne Police Officers


Various Italian descent relatives including mixed nationality families in the City of Bayonne.





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Bayonne MOB Meeting Places - ?


We have been watching the 'Bayonne Italian MOB'


They seem to love pizzerias...


They seem to love hair cutting places...


They seem to love italian owned eateries...


They seem to love plumbing supply places...


They seem to love bars..







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Michael's Bar Patrons - Very Interesting...


Let's review the patron list for Michael's Bar alleged home of the "Cappasello Crime Family"...


Ms. Nora Fleming Sisk


Ms. Karen McFadden


Ms. Darlene Frasier


Ms. Theresa Zimmerman


Ms. Liz Curucci


Ms. Denise Mokrycki


Ms. Dawn Pelowitz


Ms. Irene Cappasello


Ms. Kari Kanterude Clark


Mr. John "Jack" Smith, Esq (right below Bayonne Municipal Court Judge Cherly Scott Cashman's private office)


Mr. Scott Chesul


Mr. Michael Clancy


Mr. Kevin McMonagle


Mr. James Clark - Employee and Patron


Mr. Michael "Tank" Saleski


Mr. Michael Aceti


Mr. Frank Ferrante


Mr. Edoardo Ferrante


Mr. Frank "The Penny Stock Broker" Canarozo


Mr. Blane Cappasello - Family Owner


Mr. Robert Glenn


Mr. Peter McMonagle


Mr. Michael "Lemons" Lejuski - Police Director Mark Smith's "kind of relative" in law of sorts..


And many many more "blog" regulars...





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