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Milo Ventimiglia-The Next John Travolta? Stallion


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Milo Ventimiglia is the 'super human' with 'many abilities' in the hit show "Heroes"


We can't help but think it is related to Italina mob propaganda for "Italian Stallion" stud-ness.


In the show, he gets to have a relationship with an "Irish Women/Girl" from Ireland.


In his apparent private life, he gets Hayden Pantieteire. The young blonde "Cheerleader" who looks alot like NORA FLEMING formerly of Bayonne.


We hear a rumor that these "Heroes" are the "purple aura" people that the country is hearing about... And he might represent you know who, 'McMonagle' or others. Casting an 'italian' is kinda of slap in the face with all this 'italian' and 'mtv' and 'drug dealing' 'breaking out' of women from society and humanity.


So lets look at Chuck of NBC a supposed 'easy going' 'American' who happens to be played by a 'Jewish' guy apparently. Another 'McMonagle' based TV show, but this time it is the 'jewish italian collabrator' that is cast. And Chuck doesn't get the girl.... They are just 'buds' and she goes out and has 'spy sex' with everyone else.


And then "The Big Bang Theory" where a beautiful Blonde Young Woman hangs out with "The Geeks" smart people. But of course she doesn't have a relationship or sex with them. But of course they HELP HER OUT.


And then there was "Battlebots" on Comedy Central, we supposedly YOUNG WOMEN flocked to the RC Controlled Remote designers to MAKE ROBOTIC SEX DEVICES FOR THEM. Who knows? Maybe some of the got lucky... :)


This pro-Italian Hollywood Stud propaganda non-sense HAS TO STOP. OR WE WON'T WATCH TV ANYMORE.





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Peter Petrilli & the 'Heroes' Multi-Persona Drama


I don't know if you noticed...


But there is a NEW GENRE in the MOVIES and TV...


It's called a MULTI-PERSONA Treatment of Individual or Character...


You take different aspects of a character and create different opposing or complimentary characters...


Let's look at "Heroes"...


Peter Petrilli - A 'Super Man' like being with MANY MANY POWERS.. An ex-nurse - Someone Who Heals


The 'Psychic Cop - A cop who is 'psychic' and hear people's thought...


Issac 'The Painter' - A talented painter of THE FUTURE


Jessica 'The Fighter' - A devasting opponent against many...


'The Time Traveller' - A person who can move through time - Wrong Guy


Sounds like someone we know... The Series has TO CHANGE IN A BIG WAY... OR GO AWAY.





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Let's see...


Peter Petrilli, the italian-american heritage "Super Being"...


Has a new love interest... A stalking Blonde!


In addition to his "irish" girlfriend on the show in the storyline!...


And his Hayden Pantentiere, the hot blonde, on his arm in real life!


I don't think NBC is engaging in 'Illuminati' mind control!


Of course not, they wouldn't be so dumb to do a thing like that.





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