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Murder Setups and Reserve Setups - GUNS


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In 2 occasions it is apparent to 'McMonagle' that he is being 'setup' with GUNS.


At Brian McMonagle's basement apartment in Patrick McMonagle's home (Later to become John's apartment), Police Officer George Farley has his NEW GLOCK 9MM pistols that have been issued to the Bayonne Police Department. Brian and George talk about the gun. George takes out the gun. It is kind of 'offered' to 'McMonagle' 'McMonagle' takes it and looks at.


We STRONGLY advise that GUNS RECORDS of P.O. George Farley are reviewed to see IF HE LOST HIS GUN AT SOME POINT and HAD TO BE REPLACED.


In another occasion, 'McMonagle' is in brothers Kevin McMonagle's apartment. Kevin brings 'McMonagle' to bedroom. Lifts up his pillow and reveals a HANG GUN. Apparently bought from Howie of the 5th Street Deli-Ette and Foley's Tavern on 2nd Street & Boulevard. Kevin talks about the GUN and HOLDS UP THE PILLOW as if suggesting THAT 'MCMONAGLE' take the GUN in HIS HANDS. 'McMonagle' never does pick up the gun. However, WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE WITH GUNS WHILE HE HAS BEEN ASLEEP.





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