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Setups - The Glassboro Incident. - Kevin Ahern


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'McMonagle' is friends with Craig Leahy, mother employed by COLGATE PALMOLIVE and JOHN KIRK, father employed by AT*T.


CRAIG LEAHY a year or two ahead of 'McMonagle' goes to GLASSBORO STATE in SOUTHERN N.J. near Cherry Hill and Philiadelphia, PA.


'McMonagle' frequently goes to GLASSBORO STATE to get out of Bayonne.


At one party, KEVIN AHERN of BAYONNE is THERE. Once again, 'McMonagle' believes HE IS DRUGGED at the party. However, BEFORE BLACKING... 'McMonagle' takes out "One Dollar Bills" out of his pocket. He starts giving them to KEVIN AHERN and HIS FRIENDS. He says "Here is a dollar... Be my friend". ('McMonagle' obviously preparing Kevin Ahern and friends to the day they "Have to ask for a dollar") Ironically, 'McMonagle' escapes from PARTY and returns to CRAIG LEAHY's college dorm. However, then he blacks out. However on the way, he apparently meets A DIFFERENT KEVIN MCMONAGLE (No known relation) of SOUTHERN, N.J. He has seen him and read about him the Campus Newspaper. They 'exchange' hellos AS MCMONAGLES and goes on.


However, IT IS UNKNOWN is 'McMoangle' was followed to CRAIG LEAHY apartment and PHOTOGRAPHS/AND/OR/INCIDENTS occured there.


Craig Leahy's brother, an attendant at GAS STATION around the corner from BLANE AND IRENE CAPASELO's apartment off of KENNEDY BOULEVARD, ROBS the GAS STATION. Craig Leahy, who goes on to be a POLICE OFFICER in WEST JERSEY never tells but is aware of the ROBBERY and frequently TALKS ABOUT IT. 'McMonagle' believes this was a 'setup' up to see if 'McMonagle' reports to anyone.


John Kirk goes to Syracuse Unversity. John oftens speaks of friend "Slick". A few occasions 'McMonagle' meets Slick. Slick is apparent friend of VANESSA WILLIAMS on and before PHOTO SCANDAL. It is believed that "Slick" is a person of 'Italin Descent'. Why? the frequent talk of VANESSA WILLIAMS is unknown and has always puzzled 'McMonagle'. 'McMonagle' goes to Syracuse University twice. Once in his sleep, he is "sexually assualted" by ROBIN KIRK's FRIEND.


He never meets Ms. Williams.





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