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Jack Ryan - Profile-Former Bayonne Police Officer


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Jack Ryan grows up in Bayonne, N.J.


He lives between 5th and 7th Street on Avenue C east side of the street.


He attends St. Andrews School along with 'McMonagle'


Also in attendance:


Robert Lebright


Nora Fleming


Karen McFadden


John Brown


Peter Sharp


Christopher Gill


Brian Braden


Eileen Casey


Patricia Wade


And others...


He comes across 'McMonagle' over the years. In the neighborhood, 'McMonagle' is friendly with that Avenue C and 7th Street area crowd.


'McMonagle' a few times goes to Brian Braden's home. Braden has a 'comic book' collection. His favorite is "The Hulk".


He plays wiffle ball until about 25 years old with Brian Braden, James Ash, John Downey and others.


He is present at the 'McMonagle', John Fekety (son of Dotty Fekety), Andretti (Friend of the Terracanios), William Britwhistle (Son of FBI AGENT), Brian McMonagle, Clem Farley (Son of Bayonne COP), George Farley (Son of Bayonne COP) and others Bradley Beach Shore House. One is other rumored to be Digilio, the MOB Capo, nephew.


Also in attendance at that house at a major party are "The Bayonne Cheerleaders" Dawn Pelowitz, who goes on to work for AT&T now sells real estate in Colorado, Eileen Kawalek - now with AIG we believe, Denise Mycryki - former Big Eight Accountant. During 'McMonagle's early years in college.


Jack Ryan's future wife "meets up" with 'McMonagle' has "sex" with him. Before that, Ellen Kawalek has a "kissing session" with 'McMonagle'.


Whose shows up at party but James Ash, future Bayonne P.O., First Name Withheld Ververka, future Bayonne Firemen and others. Jack Ryan, future Bayonne P.O. 'McMonagle' SMELLS A TRAP.


After one party is broken up by the Police, 'McMonagle' gets a "noise ticket" DiGilio nephew is 'arrested' for CHECK KITTING and STOLEN GOODS.


It is rumored that WILLIAM BIRTWHISTLE can never be AN FBI AGENT in the FUTURE because of this incident. He shows up P.O. JAMES DAVIS bar when 'McMonagle' is there across from his Hudson Country Park apartment year later. 'McMonagle' suspects that he "enemy for life" with William Birtwhistle.


Years later, John Fekety pulls on 'McMonagle's beard at HOPPE's bar. 'McMonagle' warns him to stop. Fekety continues. 'McMonagle' punches him once and Fekety goes down. Mysteriously, 2 'McMonagle' brothers show up in the bar and escort John McMonagle out of the bar. Upon leaving, John Fekety says "I'll get you McMonagle... You're gonna get it..." who stand next to William Birtwhistle.


At the same bar P.O. James Davis owns with brother in law supposedly, Jack Ryan is in the bar. 'McMonagle' arrives. Jack Ryan is most likely intoxicated. Unfriendly "banter" ensues. Jack Ryan says in front of the entire bar "I'll handcuff you and beat the crap out of you..." 'McMonagle' responds "Be my guest...".


At another Meeting near the Bar, Jack Ryan accuses 'McMonagle' of a crime. 'McMonagle' asks Jack Ryan several 'legal type' interogation questions. Jack Ryan admits that 'McMonagle' didn't commit the crime.


Years pass, Jack Ryan is now a bartender at bar now known as "The 19th Hole" on 11th Street and Broadway. It is the rumored hang out of John 'The Senior' Murray and other retired Bayonne Police Officers. In the future years, James "Horace" Clark leaves Paine Webber and buys the building and bar after his father's death. Clark family is considered a "Political Dynasty" in Bayonne. But back to the story, Jack Ryan now "invites" 'McMonagle' to the St. Andrews Grammar School Reunion. 'McMonagle' declines. The reunion is being run by NORA FLEMING's cousin EILEEN CASEY. It is the same time period as Sue Colbath pursuing 'McMonagle'. 'McMonagle' puzzled by invite since he left St. Andrews IN THE 5TH GRADE.


At one meeting, 'McMonagle' uses the opportunity after the "Grammar School Reunion" potential sting to send a message to BRIAN BRADEN. He tells Jack Ryan that "Braden gossips like a girl... And should wear a dress". Jack Ryan "SHOCKED" says "You two don't get along?..." "I don't want to get involved."


Jack Ryan's wife from the Bradley Beach Shore house passes the 'McMonagle' tirelessly for years and years with Jack's kids. 'McMonagle' politely says hello and never engages her in conversation.


Prior to his bartending career, P.O. Jack Ryan is kicked off the force for "Police Brutality" in one OF THE FEW CASES ever BROUGHT TO COURT and ONE AGAINST BAYONNE POLICE OFFICERS.


His buddy is P.O. McFadden. Former Shop-Right Employee. Police Officer at the Ruskowski fight. Friend of "Bird" who verbally Mr. Patrick McMonagle as he passes Shop-Rite on a continual basis. 'McMonagle' finds out passes 'Bird' and asks "What are you going to do tough guy?..." repeatedly until he stops. "Bird" is believed to an associate or friend of John 'The Senior' Murray. McFadden loves to visit Ireland we hear...


Jack Ryan and McFadden continue to be involved in the BAYONNE POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION for years and years.





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