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CERN created the net? :O


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copied from msnbc.com


The greatest moment in the Web's history has to be the instant of its own creation. On Christmas morning 1990, Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau of the CERN research lab in Geneva communicated with the world's first Web server--presenting all of us with a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.


According to the Living Internet site, Berners Lee originally developed a hypertext system to keep track of the hundreds of projects, software, and computers in use at CERN's High Energy Physics department. Using a NeXT computer, Berners Lee developed a rudimentary browser in the fall of 1990. He and Cailliau then created the first Web content: the CERN phone directory.


The following August, Berners Lee unveiled his creation to the world (or at least, to the portion of the world that logged on to the alt.hypertext newsgroup). By the end of 1992, the Net hosted 50 Web servers. By the end of 1994, that number had grown to 2500. The Big Bang had already begun.


The earlier development of the Internet gave us the infrastructure computers needed in order to communicate, but the Web provided the Net's most important cargo--what today amounts to more than 135 million Web sites, connected by a rat's nest of hyperlinks and growing at a steady 5 percent per month, according to Netcraft. No aspect of our lives remains untouched by the Web. The fact that you're reading this on your computer screen--not on paper--says it all.



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Cern to my knowledge invented the web but not the net... I remember my first time logging onto prodgy net back when I was 9 years old. That was 88 or 89... yeah I never did much with it. I have no idea what my father used it for but he was insistent about makeing me familer with it even though I never seemed to do much more than play hang man on it...



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History of the Internet


Quoted Caption:


"History of the internet" is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.


The history is told using the PICOL icons on picol.org , which are available for download soon. On blog.picol.org you can get news about this project.


Voice-over by Steve Taylor http://voice-pool.com


You can get more information on this movie on my website




or on the PICOL-Project site where you can download a pre-release of the icons.




Credits for subtitles:


(The correctness of the subtiles depends on the people listed down here)


English: Stefan Badragan | youtube.com/StevXtreme


Italian: Stefan Badragan


German: me


French: Arnaud 'dehy' DE MOUHY


Bulgarian: Andrian Georgiev


Chinese: Terry Lee


Portuguese (Brazilian): Guilherme Euler


Spanish: Mauricio Diaz Orlich


End Quoted...





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