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The Michael Fleming Wedding


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So at this time 'McMonagle' is commuting to New York City on the Bayonne Ferry with NORA and father JOHN occasionaly. They hang out on the back of the boat and talk occasionally because 'McMonagle' smokes cigarettes.


MICHAEL FLEMING talks about his upcoming wedding.


'McMonagle' makes joke. He says "Where is my invitation... I didn't see it in mail"


FLEMING responds "You want to go? I'd love you to be there...".


'McMonagle' replies "I'm just kidding. Really, it was joke. You don't have to invite or feel obligated. It was joke."


FLEMING responds "I'll send you an invitation. It should be there in a couple days."


'McMonagle' states again "You don't have to..."


So the wedding is coming. 'McMonagle' asks DINA LUCIANO of BANKERS TRUST and the Phildephia area NEAR GLASSBORO, N.J. to be his date.


The wedding day.


'McMonagle' arrives with DINA LUCIANO. The FLEMING SISTERS say in unison "Hi John" when he arrives. He sits in the back of the church with his date.


The reception.


'McMonagle' ARRIVES at the reception. He stays for dinner and the toast. The toast is given by JOHN FLEMING (The Junior). His gives a WEDDING CARD with a check.


Dancing begins.


JOE SISK makes small talk with 'McMonagle' and says "I'm heading for the bar..." 'McMonagle' joins him for one drink and returns to the dance area. One point of near dancing Nora asks JOE to dance. JOE walks away or refuses. NORA FLEMING then states "We'll dance with John then' meaning the 3 sisters. 'McMonagle' dances awhile with all 3 sisters. DINA LUCIANO then asks 'McMonagle' to leave the party. 'McMonagle' is rushed out by DINA LUCIANO.


DINA LUCIANO goes to a party in HOBOKEN. Asks to have 'McMonagle' drop her off at Friend's House. In fairness, LUCIANO told 'McMonagle' about the party but he no idea that would only stay at the wedding for an hour or so. 'McMonagle' annoyed without revealing insists on escorting LUCIANO to the party to meet her friends. After a few minutes, 'McMonagle' leaves after discovering LUCIANO's yuppie nerd friends.


DINA LUCIANO over the years to engage 'McMonagle' as his BUSINESS MANAGER. She apparently has no skills but 'McMonagle' humors her because they rather friendly in his BANKERS TRUST employment.


At one point, 'McMonagle' is seriously pursued by LUCIANO. She presses him on developing a business. 'McMonagle' is puzzled by what kind of business. LUCIANO is thinking about some type of "office consulting" doing something with business corresponce. LUCIANO apparently forced of BANKERS TRUST at this time. She is doing consulting on her own. At one point 'McMonagle' and LUCIANO met in front of her apartment at pre-arraigned meeting. 'McMonagle' asks "Where we were you?" since she was late. She replies "I was consulting at womens organization" 'McMonagle' asks what "What's women's organization?" Not looking to steal her business just curious because she never mentions before or after. "A women organization. That's all you need to know". 'McMonagle' drops it but suspects LUCIANO is working for NOW. (The NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN) In another meeting, LUCIANO states "If we get involved in this business together, we can't date." 'McMonagle' not really interested in LUCIANO that way states "Ok. No problem" LUCIANO seems a little stunned and shocked but cares on. 'McMonagle' is not interested because one of her boyfriends he is introduced to is ENGLISH. He wouldn't date a woman who date an Englishmen. :) Also, He had heard a disturbing story about her earlier before this particular reunion with her. Apparently she had dated MICHAEL BLANKMAN, a Chase Manhattan Bank employee later to be a V.P., BLANKMAN and ASSOCIATE of MARK BARRY of Barclays Bank stated "He threw on the floor... And procedd to **** her". 'McMonagle' upon hearing this story said nothing but was not a fan of MR. BLANKMAN. But had to tolerate him to his other business associates. In a further disturbing story, A female friend of LUCIANO tells a "funny story" where she waits for her boyfriend to fall asleep so she can CHECK HIS NET WORTH IN A SPREADSHEET ON THE PC. 'McMonagle' wonders "What kind of women are these?..." LUCIANO supposedly went to Bryn Mawr College. And amazingly years later, 'McMonagle' repeatedly run into LUCIANO in the same spot near PATH STATION after BANKERS TRUST re-hires her as a "consultant". One time after walking away saying he believes LUCIANO yells out a "curse word". She supposedly resides on Park Avenue in New York City. Her family reputed to be VERY WEALTHY.


NORA FLEMING inquires near the Michael Fleming wedding "What's going with you and Dina?" McMonagle replies "I don't know... If Dina is really interested in me or starting a business." "I can't figure her out." NORA FLEMING replies "Maybe she is interested in both..." 'McMonagle' replies "I doubt it."





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