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Word War II - The Ultimate Illuminati Operation


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As reports come and our investigations continue about the Illuminati and their use of certain heritage groups it appears that World War II was a MAJOR Illuminati operation in European Theatre.


It does not seem to be in the Pacific Theatre.


England - Claims it needs help from U.S. America sends massive amounts of troups to Illuminati HQ - London. Americans recruited into Illuminati and/or blackmailed/compromised by MI5 and MI6.


North Africa - Needed as staging ground for Italy invasion. Muslim elements of the Illuminati


Italy - Major U.S. Military Campaign - Many soldiers and/or Generals compromised by the Italian Mafia.


Germany - The Holocast is carried out. Americans are forced to go deep into Germany. Assimilation with the Germany people and inflitration of American Military Bases and American Intelligence Operations. Nazis never REALLY DEFEATED. Many stay IN GERMANY under CIVILIAN COVER and/or known NAZI soldiers GO TO SOUTH AMERICA and other nations.


East Germany - American Intelligence operations are carried and inflitrated and/or studied by the Soviet Union.


Very Scarey and Interesting Information,





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