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In many reports, African nations and Third World Debtor countries and citizens COMPLAIN about the IMF and WORLD BANK loans that are TAKEN OUT by DICTATORS and CORRUPT LEADERS of the countries...


In order, TO PAY BACK these loans...


NATION ASSETS are secured... Oil, Mineral Rights, Coal, Diamonds and WATER.


WATER should be a FREE RESOURCE in streams, lakes, ponds and rivers... For the citizens of these countries....


Why is the IMF and WORLD BANK? Entities that the U.S. Government has GREAT INFLUENCE loaning MONEY to INDIVIDUALS who represent COUNTRIES that have NO INTENTION of paying it back.


If we are to have a UNITED NATIONS, perhaps they SHOULD OVERSEE these PAYMENTS to THIRD WORLD NATIONS. Because they current system JUST CREATES 'Illuminati' type LEADERS who will 'play ball' with the WORST INTERESTS in THE WORLD.


Let us point you to a book that will ILLUMINATE the situation:


Confessions Of An Economic Hitman


Author:John Perkins


Summary by urumipparambil (words: 900, Visits: 220)


Published: Tuesday, June 06, 2006




Industrially developed world brought 'Hitman' to our midst. Almost during the same time we started hearing the terms 'Mafia' and 'Under world'. Now we know that these terms represent just the opposite of modern democratic society where law and order and human rights are valued with high esteem. A civilized society looks down with contempt towards these terms. But when all these law and order and democratic system of governance is controlled by 'Hitman', 'Mafia' and the 'Underworld'; we will be tempted to analyze those terms beyond there normal accepted meanings.


"Confessions of an Economic Hitman", the book written by 'Mr. John Perkins' forces us for such an analysis. John Perkins was the chief economist of 'Chas T. Main', an internationally famous consultancy organization set up in the United States of America. Actually he mentions himself as the economic hitman and his company 'Chas T. Main', and such other many companies who have their links with the American intelligence agency 'CIA' and the American government, as the mafia or under world. Perkins writes in his book that it is his guilty consciousness of his deeds against humanity while he was with 'Chas T. Main' which prompted him to reveal all those details in his book. He worked with 'Chas T. Main', the consultancy agency between 1971 and 81.In the guise of consultancy they were guiding most of the nations of the world under the economic trappings of the American empire; a sort of inescapable slavery.


After resigning from the company 20 years back Perkins was planning to write a book and reveal every thing about those bad deeds. But, he mentions in his book, he could not do that because of many temptations of worldly pleasures and threats to his life from the powerful authorities. Finally after the events of September 11, 2001; the attack and destruction of "The world trade centre" at Newyork, he could not keep himself mum any more. He believes that one of the reasons for the terrorist attack and destruction of the world trade centre at Newyork was the bad deeds of the consultancy companies like 'Chas T. Main'.




I'm sure you can pick up through Amazon or Barnes & Noble...





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