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JOHN MURRY (Junior) Threatens 'McMonagle'


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JOHN MURRY (Junior) Threatens 'McMonagle'


Shortly after the 'McMonagle' / Murray incident...


A car drives up on Fourth Street.


'McMonagle' is walking past the rectory...


Approaching the "Chuck" and Lipinski house...


In the car at the window is young JOHN MURRAY, former childhood frind of 'McMonagle'.


He yells out "You're gonna get it..."


In the car, we believe is JAMES ASH, future Bayonne Police Officer, ROBERT VERVERKA, future Bayonne Firemen, EDWARD MAGOTCH former classmate of 'McMonagle'. However, it is unconfirmed as to who else was in the car.


In another incident a year or so later, JOHN MURRAY SISTER is in a CAR. 'McMonagle' is near the corner of 4TH STREET and KENNEDY BLVD. She starts SCREAMING AT MCMONAGLE but the windows are closed. 'McMonagle' can not hear what she is saying.


JOHN MURRAY goes to join the FORUM GYM while 'McMonagle' is there.


He was sometimes seen at the corner of 4th Street and Avenue sitting on retaining wall of a garden. It is unknown if he is "stalking 'McMonagle' or spying on his father with his supposed african american mistress in the apartment building that was connected to 4th Street Shop Rite.


He is sometimes seen at MONA LISA pizza when 'McMonagle' goes for pizza. One time, JOHN MURRAY is there as well as JAMES MAHONEY who is believed be with OTHER 'UNDERCOVER' POLICEMEN taking a break from 'observing' 'McMonagle' from the UPPERS FLOORS of the downtown SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER on 4th Street across from the 'McMonagle' home.


He is sometimes seen on Broadway near 'McMonagle' uptown and downtown.


He "runs into" 'McMonagle' in the World Trade Center commuting when he worked on Wall Street a number of times.





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The JAMES ASH Encounters and Quotes


'McMonagle' has NUMEROUS encounters with Bayonne Police Officer JAMES ASH.


In the recent past, like JAMES PELLICIO... JAMES 'JIMMY' ASH is seen walking on the other side of the street near the convenant and school when 'McMonagle' goes up and down lower Broadway.


P.O. JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH shows up at IRENE's BAR across from QUICK CHEK during the apparent alleged GALLERY 07002 sting operation. 'McMonagle' and DAVE RYAN are at the bar. Who appears at door and steps aside against the wall... But P.O. JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH. He watches and practically stares at 'McMonagle' and RYAN. The bar is crowed and people are dancing. 'McMonagle' dances with MARGE RYAN's tenants. 2 women who live below DAVE and MARGE RYAN on first. (Former tenants include CHUCH WALDRON and possibly MICHAEL WALDRON.) 'McMonagle' needs cigarettes. He goes to go across the street for them. At the door way is JAMES ASH and FRANK LAST NAME WITHHELD *(One of THE CLANCEY BOYS gang or "The Lord Avenue" boys. He is a "pseudo-biker dude". Wears "leather biker vests" And once claimed that "Frank Ackenfura friends went after him..." after the HOPPE's incident in the Cottage Street bar frequented by JOE SISK.) 'McMonagle' says "You two having a nice conversation..." laughing as he exists the bar.


'McMonagle' returns to bar. Who is at the bar talking to DAVE RYAN but P.O. JAMES ASH. (He is in civilian clothes apparently off duty.) 'McMonagle' goes to stand on the other side of ASH. JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH apparently trying ignore 'McMonagle'. 'McMonagle' decide to have fun with ASH. 'McMonagle' says "So where is your buddy JIMMY DAVIS (The Cop)". ASH responds "I don't know.. I'm kinda looking for him." or words to that affect. ASH eventually leaves for a moment. 'McMonagle' turns to DAVE RYAN and says 'I knew he would do that... Come over after I left."


In another "night out" with DAVE RYAN during the GALLERY 07002 apparent alleged sting operation. They go to the Staring Point bar owned by TOMMY 'Bizarro Superman' KANE. 'McMonagle' see JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH with whats left of the "4th Street Druggie" Crowd. 'McMonagle' decides to have fun with ASH again. He tells tale of Chad "The Steward". ASH apparently tries to ignore 'McMonagle' again. Later DAVE RYAN goes to the bathroom. Down the bar is now JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH. ASH goes to RYAN and starts talking closely.


Later 'McMonagle' is on stool near door of bar. Who files in but LAURA ZEILSNICKI, PEGGEAN CUSHION and many other "4th Streeters". 'McMonagle' suspects it is "some sort of line up". One by one the enter the bar. One after another. It is quite a parade of the "4th Streeters". Evenutally, 'McMonagle' and RYAN leave the bar. Upon leaving he says "Goodbye Laura..." to LAURA ZEILSNICKI who is standing by PEGGEAN CUSHION at the exit. Upon going out the door, He hears someone yell out a gay slur.


Later, 'McMonagle' asks DAVE RYAN what BAYONNE POLICE OFFICER JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH said. RYAN says "You are hanging out with John McMonagle??? He is a LOOSE CANNON." 'McMonagle' suspects an on-going sting operation and harassment by the POLITCAL MACHINE and BAYONNE POLICE regarding undisclosed "activism" to save the CITY OF BAYONNE.


'McMonagle' later gets DAVE RYAN to repeat the story in GALLERY 07002. He makes a joke referring to JAMES ASH as "JIMMY ASH-HOLE..."


At the JAMES PELLICIO public memorial wake, P.O. JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH was there... Hanging out with STEPHEN LEBRIGHT and the owner of FOLEYS TAVERN. It is JIMMY ASH that FOLEY asks "What does he care about..." Later toward the end of the party, JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH goes to 'McMonagle' and says 'I've been watching you..." 'McMonagle' amused again has fun with ASH. He says 'Smith And Mahoney go around saying I'm gay... " and goes on to describe what would happen to them if a fight broke out with the two of them at the same time. They go on to talk about JACK RYAN and "his cop groupie ways..." and JAMES MAHONEY. ASH defends MAHONEY saying "Jimmy is tough..." 'McMonagle' dismiss ASH saying in disgust 'No he is not.". 'McMonagle' then says to ASH "Forget about what I said..." when leaving. At this conversation or another, ASH says "You are just like Anthony Durando..." 'McMonagle' says "Oh?". Anthony Durando was an alleged "mafia bone breaker" for local mobsters, alleged drug user and street fighter. 'McMonagle' was 'slightly' offended to say the least.





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Also in the bar is with JAMES 'Jimmy' ASH is POLICE OFFICER JAMES 'Hogs & Heffers' DAVIS former owner of JD's and party planner and 'cop groupie' host to the BAYONNE POLICE DEPARTMENT in the 1990s. It is an "after hourse" joint. Cops are seen exiting the bar in hours like 9:00am and 10:00am the next mornings. JAMES 'Hogs & Heffers' DAVIS is now apparently divorced according to his conservations. His ex-wife is the SISTER of BAYONNE FIREMEN Pepe LaScala.


JAMES DAVIS goes on to remind everyone in the bar about the time "Jimmy Ash dancing on the bar at Hoppe's and got naked. And he still got on the force." DAVIS asks 'McMonagle' "What are you up to these days..." 'McMonagle' replies smiling widely "NOT MUCH..."





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The JAMES ASH Encounters and Quotes - MISSED one


CORRECTION: Regarding the mistaken and confused identities of the "Baddest Italian In Bayonne or maybe..." Anthony Durando the "person of interest" Mike Sari.


We think we forgot a quote and may have to make a correction...


BPD OFFICER JAMES ASH said at the Dean Pellicio funeral...


"You are just like Anthony Durando..."




"You are just like Mike Sari..."


Mr. Sari and Mr. Durando.... Please accept our apologies and the direct apology of TheCigMan.


Everyone knows you are the only Italian heritage bad ass toughs anyone has seen in Bayonne.


Mr. Anthony Durando has never been "rumored to be a killer... or a DIA Army NSA CIA "head stomper" assassin for "unknown elements" of the Illuminati and the "Evil Elements of the U.S. Gov't.


That would be Mike Sari. Anytime Mr. Sari... :)


Mr. Durando... Please explain and demonstrate our knowledge of your "capabilities" to Mr. Ash And Mr. Sari for "defaming your reputation..."


Mr. Ash? I would "stay home at night and during the day..." because I believe Mr. Anthony Durando and his relatives are "quite upset with you..." despite CONTINUED SECRET EMPLOYMENT by the BPD and various "government agencies..."




And lets see "what you got.."


Mr. Ash...


Someone would like to say "Hi..."


"Jimmy?... It's me Mc?... I'm a unversal translator mind reading thought exchanger... Mr. Ash?... I never never liked you. In fact. I wonder how Mr. Murray got you "on the job" and I wonder the same thing about "Mr. Mahoney"... You two guys don't know who I am "really am"? Do you? Well Mr. Durando and his entire family name and heritage clan will demonstrate how I feel towards you and Mr. Mahoney. And Jimmy and Jimmy?...




Mr. Ash? Message Received? Loud and Clear? CRYSTAL CLEAR? Good...





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